Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Many people when they were kids had a rc or remote control car of one sort or another. Some of the earliest kinds took tons of D batteries that ran out after a few hours of play. Cars did not go very fast and the controller might have just had a single button that spun the car in a circle. Today with advances in technology, rc cars come in a wide variety. Most can be charged so you don’t need to keep buying batteries. There is actually competitive sports racing where people buy top quality models and modify them. The most current speed record is over 134 mph. However, these cars cost over $400 and require customizations.

If you are looking for cheap rc cars, they are easy to find. Particularly around the holidays, you will see ads from stores such as Radio Shack for cars from $6 to $20. Toys R Us has them for around $12 to over $200. Cheap rc cars, particularly under $20 are usually for young children that might not like to play with them and are just trying it out for the first time. Many go fairly slow and are of poor quality. As most things in life, you get what you pay for.

For cheap rc cars that are good quality, could go on or off-road, could go fairly fast and will last a while, check out sites like TowerHobbies. Though the cars are around $200, when considering price, you also have to consider the price of batteries and parts. If you get a cheap car that doesn’t come with batteries and takes up a lot of power, you will have to buy one or two sets that pump up the price. Also, cars that allow you to buy certain parts online are cheaper long term. If a tire wears out or a certain part breaks, you just buy that part again. Cheaper rc cars that don’t have accessory parts means that as soon as something wears out or cracks, you have to buy an entirely new car. Even if a car is $50-$80, if they keep breaking, it is more worthwhile to buy one $200 car than 3, $70 cars.