Saturday, February 18, 2012

Collecting Model Planes as a Hobby?

       When I was in grade school I loved playing toys and collecting it. It became a hobby for me to collect Barbie dolls, stationeries and even action figures. Now my new passion is collecting model aircraft or airplane replicas. I love to travel to many places and riding a plane is a bliss for me. From then on,  I was sort of into collecting model planes. 

      My ultimate goal for this collection is to be able to collect model planes used during the world war, those simply designed yet effective machine of death. I’m searching here, abroad and in the internet for model planes. Though it would cost ample amount of money but you can’t repay the satisfaction your feeling when you see your collection. I hope I'll be able to pursue this hobby and pass it on to my future kids. 

My Grade School Awards

Saturday is cleaning day. I was sorting my cabinet for the things that needs to be disposed and the ones to keep. I saw my grade school ribbons “Best in English and Best in Spelling”, with dust all over them. I can’t help but laugh and reminisce the good old days.  I also saw my precious medals and trophy, which I got from winning a spelling contest. It was such a memorable part of my grade school life because I got the chance to compete with other grade levels and it was such an achievement.
My trophy just reminds me of my passion in spelling and gave me a challenge to read more even until now because as we say, we would never stop learning. I know I would not receive trophies anymore, but I believe I can still learn a lot, lot more because I'm still young. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My First Ever Carbonara


      It's been a long, long while since the last time I joined Wednesday Whites or even with the other memes. I just got extremely busy with a lot of things. My family is still on the process of moving forward after that tragic flood. So much for that, anyway.

      Here's a photo of me and I thought it would be so perfect for a Wednesday Whites entry. This was taken last Monday during my Culinary class and I'm wearing my Chef's uniform. I cooked my first ever Carbonara. Actually, the day before my class, I called my bestfriends and invited them to our home. Purposely, I did that because I want them to teach me how to cook the Carbonara. I only know how to cook Spaghetti. Boohoo me! So there, we had a little practice at home. Then I tried cooking the best I can during our class the next day. And thank God I nailed it! ;)

Gifts for the Love Month

               And's the heart's month! February, as they say, is the month of love. Flowers and chocolates are famous during these times of the year because most men purchase it sometimes in bulk and give it to their loved ones on that special occasion. Even hotels and restaurants during this season are fully-booked and filled with customers. We will do the best we can just to make the love of our lives that they are really precious to us.

                How about you? How would you spend your Valentine's Day with your special someone? Where will you take her? Would you take your wife/husband to a fancy restaurant and spend a memorable candlelight dinner? What will you give your girlfriend/boyfriend?  How much are you willing to spend for a present? Would you give him/her Gifts under $100 or above that amount? You are most welcome to share your memorable Valentine's Day experience and the most unforgettable gift you've ever received.



Sunday, February 5, 2012

NUVALI - The place to be....

It’s February time, and  love is on the air,and are you busy thinking and looking for a romantic, scenic and a wonderful place where you can hang out and spend quality time with your girlfriend, your boyfriend or with your family? Worry not;

 I know a perfect place, its NUVALI. It is located at Sta. Rosa, Laguna, an hour or so drive from Manila. It is a joint venture with the Yulo family and Ayala land Inc. . It’s a scenic place, where you can have picnic with your loved ones at side of the man-made lake, you can go biking with your kids, you can also feed the fishes or visit the bird sanctuary, go shopping, dine at the cozy restaurants, sip coffee at starbucks and or simply enjoy nature at its best with your love one by your side.   

(photo not mine) 

Aluminum Briefcase

In a Corporate world one strives to be the best in their business. One fights and takes whatever advantage they have with their competitor, from technologies down to fashion. Men and Women wear suits and dresses but there is also one important accessory they need, an aluminum briefcase.  Now its not only men who owns briefcase but corporate women as well.

 Aluminum briefcase are durable and is perfect for people on the go, they can store their papers, laptops and important stuff in a secure and durable briefcase. Also having an aluminum briefcase not only for necessity, style and function but it also commands respect and a show of strength.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Silver Bars as an Investment

With the many atrocities in life, we can never be secured. But if we are wise, we can always protect our future and invest in things that will help us in times of dire need. One of these investments can be buying gold and silver bars. These precious stones are known to be a guard against inflation. 

Though silver bars are not as popular as their gold counterparts, but silver bars are slowly rising in demand. These are easy to store and can easily be disposed. Their values do not depreciate but increase as their demands rise. So if you are planning to invest in a stable commodity, then silver and gold it is.