Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My L.O.V.E.'s Birthday Cake


Last Monday, the 20th of June, my boyfriend celebrated his 26th birthday. My mom and I decided to give him a little surprise birthday party. Since his family also prepared a little party for him in the evening, so I secretly contacted our friends to come to my house before lunch time for the said surprise. Thank God it was a success. :) So here's one of my birthday gifts for him. Actually, he's an avid fan of the Miami Heat basketball team (though they lost against the Mavs). By the way, this is my entry for the MYM, RT, Orange Tuesdays, and WW memes. :) 
Have a great week ahead! :) Shalom! 



Our Mcdo Sessions


    This week's theme for Mommy Janet's Tuesday Travels meme is to share to our fellow bloggers our favorite hang out. This is my first post for this meme since I got busy for the past weeks. Though I really wanted to join in the previous weeks but then the laziness in me ruled. So I told myself that I shouldn't let this week pass without entering my posts. 
    Okay..so to answer the question for this week, my favorite hang out is in McDonald's. This may probably sound so shallow to most of you but this is really where my best friends and I spend most of our time chitchatting and doing some catching up since we have our own busy schedules already. We always order coke float, large fries, and cheeseburger each. 

Year 2010
Year 2009
Year 2007
Year 2006

      We have this little something that I would like to share with you, my friends. We each use two straws for our coke floats. :) Why? We just want to have that as part of our bond. We've been friends for more than 13 years and a lot of things have changed. So as we have grown together, shared moments together, we also see to it that we have our "Mcdo sessions" to catch up with the lost times. :)

        How about you? What's your favorite hang out? :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

PF: Pink Dress With Pink Sandals (Again)

Happy Pink Fridays, lovely bloggers and friends! ;) It's time to post our pinkiest photos. :) Mine is up and I'm featuring my niece once again. She's been one of my favorite models. Lol. And she's wearing one of her pink dresses with her pink sandals. She's just lovely. :) 
For some pink accessories to add an even more unique look then check out www.very.co.uk where there's a large collection to check out.  

Wednesday Whites: Toilet Seat Cleaner

         It's Thursday but I'm posting my Wednesday Whites. :) Lol. I don't care. Better late than never (my usual excuse). My featured photo for this week is a toilet seat cleaner which I saw at Hong Kong International Airport toilet. Hmmm. I intentionally took a picture of it because I know I won't see something like this in the Philippines' airport or in any public toilet in my country and I got excited to show them off with my friends, too. Lol.
        It's not too late yet, better post your Whites now. :) Happy Thursday! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Skywatch Friday:

Wow! Another weekend again. I missed a couple of Skywatch Fridays already. So now, two hours before Friday, I am now making my Skywatch Friday posts. :) Lol. Here's a photo taken by my mom while during our road trip last April. The clouds were just awesome. They surrounded those thick trees and part of some mountains. It's just awesome! :)

Pink Fridays: The Pink and Pinker

Two different varieties of those pink flowers. :) The pink and the pinker flowers. Lol. Happy Pink Fridays, lovely bloggers! :)