Thursday, March 31, 2011

Invitations Here and There

                 Since January of this year, I have received several invitations already from different people and different occasions. Most of them are wedding invitations. Waaaah. I want to make my own wedding invitations and send them to my friends, too. But sadly, I still can't. Not until we (my boyfriend and I) get to save enough money for our BIG DAY. And talking about invitations, my friends recommended a site to me which offers various invitations in low and affordable prices. They make fabulous birthday invitations, gorgeous wedding invitations, anniversaries, baby showers, bridal showers, engagements, and corporate events. They even make baptism and communion invitations, too. You just name it and they have it. They don't just make any invitation but they make it with perfection. Wow. I was in awe when I saw the site. I probably would recommend it to my friends, too.  

SUV For The Family

   Lately, two of my dearest friends' smiles are so sweet and you can see in their faces how happy they are. That is because they have their newly owned SUV. After my friend gave birth to their first child last November, they decided to buy an SUV since they are starting to build a family and it would be better and convenient for them to have one. However, since they don't have knowledge about cars, they sought some advice from our other friends to where they can get cheap auto insurance. That was the very first thing they took care of before they customized the interior part of the car, which I personally think was a very good idea for we should always seek for safety and security for our family first.

Pink Fridays: Duty Free Shop

While waiting for our flight back to the Philippines, we strolled around the airport of Malaysia to get some last minute shopping. :)

Happy Pink Fridays, dear friends! :) Post yours now at Pink Thoughts. :)

Food Trip Friday: Mom's 54th Birthday Cake

As I was scanning through some pictures, I saw cakes from different occasions held in our home last year. That's why I immediately posted it here and linked it up for my Food Trip Friday entry. :)
Post yours now and be counted! :) Happy FTF!

Skywatch Friday: Fogs

This was during a random road trip of ours in the mountain. As you can see, the sun was about to rise. And those white stuff weren't smoke. Those are fogs. ;) I intentionally asked them to pull over so I can take a picture of it. :)
Happy Skywatch Friday! :)

Pink Fabulous Giveaways

          Oh yeah, I know. I know. I wasn't able to make a post about this weeks ago. I got sick and became too busy, too. But I still believe this post can still make it before the deadline. :) Anyway, you can see these PINK FABULOUS giveaways at PINK THOUGHTS, the home of the Pink Fridays meme. You can join us too every Fridays with all your pinkylicious stuff. Don't forget to link your post back here. I personally love the first prize which is the pink Bratty Bonita laptop bag because it matches my pink netbook. I really hope I get to win that or just any of the amazing giveaways. :)
Here are also the amazing sponsors of the contest. 
You still have a few hours left before it closes so better take your chances now. :)
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Choosing The Best RV For You

              The Recreational Vehicle or what is commonly known as the "RV" is basically used by families or group of friends who love to go camping or to places away from home wherein they stay there for about a day or two, or even a week. They don't need to stay in a motel or a hotel anymore because they got all they need in the RV already. Isn't that great? 
              So I have some tips for the RV buyers in choosing the best for them. They have several questions to ponder: 

  • The most important question is: "How much is our budget?" "Can we afford it?" They need to consider the price range of the vehicle.
  • How much will I spend for the RV insurance? Buyers need to ask for an rv insurance quote beforehand. 
  • Do they want a used RV or a brand new one? 
  • How often are we going to use the vehicle? Frequently or seldom? 
  • How long will we be away from home? Duration of a particular trip should also be considered. 
               These are just few of the things we must consider before buying an RV. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

              For my friends who are not living in the tropical countries, they keep on complaining about the very cold weather. Right now, most of them are very happy because it is spring time already. I have read their Facebook wall posts or status like they get lazy in going to school or to work because they hate the cold weather. However, they have no choice but to stand the cold. A friend of mine even bought an electric blanket for herself to somehow provide heat or warmness for her body. She can't stand cold that much that's why she made a way and decided to buy a electric heating blanket. And my friend, Jasmin, was satisfied with it because it's safe to use. So for my other friends who live in places where you experience the winter season, try the electric blanket, or any battery heated clothing. 

Online University

          "Learn more. Become more. Online." That is a slogan of the WGU, an online university. And yeah, I definitely agree with their slogan. If you want to learn more and to be someone you really want to be in just the comfort of your home, try to enroll in an online university. There are basically a lot of online universities accepting enrollees all over the world. Just think about this, you don't have to go to school and sit for hours while listening to the teacher's discussion. The time is flexible. It depends on your desired schedule. And one more thing, it is affordable. So easy, right? Why not try it now? Just visit the sites of the fully accredited online universities in the internet and do some inquiries.

My Wedding Ring

                  My wedding ring? Not yet mine. It is just my dream wedding ring. This thought just came to my mind while I was searching for the most unique wedding gifts for my friends who will be getting married next month. Who will be next to them? Will I be next? Hopefully. Of course, I would love to get married. My boyfriend and I are not getting any younger, so we got to like plan or simply just talk about these things. I guess, I have said in one of posts that my ultimate dream wedding is a sunset beach wedding. But it is going to be a big challenge for us if we are going to pursue that kind of wedding.
                Going back to the net surfing, I was also able to stop by this jeweler's site. And I got astonished with the shiny and sparkling rings they sell. Wow. They really look amazing and beautiful especially the tiara-like ring. But though it's kind of expensive, I would still dream to have one. I would love to have a scott kay radiance semi-mount ring one day. It's free to dream so I might as well dream BIG TIME! :)

Pimples, Oh Dear Pimples

            "Pimples, please stay away from me. Please, I beg you. Don't keep coming back." This is what I always hear from my sister who has pimples sprouting all over her face. She didn't have that much pimples when she was younger. Some people say, it's acne. Some would also say it's allergy. But whatever it is, it's been bothering my sister. She thinks she's in dire need of the fastest and most effective product to remove pimples. She has tried almost everything sold in the market. Can you guys help me solve my sister's problem? Please? Thanks in advance. :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home Speakers

           Just last night, after our work, my family went  to the mall. My sister and her husband proceeded to the appliance store to buy a gas range because their range was broken yesterday morning. It would cost them much if they will try to fix their old cooking range so they decided to buy a new one. 
          However, while they were still choosing what brand to buy, my mom, my boyfriend, and I went roaming around the appliance store. Then suddenly, my mom called me and pointed to out the home speakers to which she liked so much. She has been dreaming one to be placed in her room. I thought we would be bringing a box of speakers last night. But unfortunately, mom wasn't able to bring her credit card with her. So she decided to buy it on Saturday, instead. We were actually exited and happy to have a home theater system at home, especially that we love watching movies, and doing videoke and singing at the top of our lungs.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pink Fridays: Pink Doll

So it's Friday again! It's time to post our pink stuff and share them with the Just visit Mommy Rubz of Pink Thoughts and link it there. See you aound! :)

Skywatch Friday: Monastery of the Transfiguration

Food Trip Friday: Kimbap

This is our home-made Kimbap. The Korean version of the famous California Maki. My friend and I got nothing to do so we went to the supermarket and bought some ingredients.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shoot Me

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Avenue of Stars

That's what it says: AVENUE OF STARS :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Blue Monday: Sailors For Real?

This was at a newly-opened seafood restaurant in our place. See? Isn't obvious? The waiters' look like sailors. :)
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Ruby Tuesday: Red Seats

At the Hong Kong International Airport...while waiting for our flight back to the Philippines.
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MYM: Pineapple-Mango Coolers

Happy Monday, friends! :) It's great to start the week with this thirst quenching drink .
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Pink Fridays: Pink Girl with the Pink Flowers

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Skywatch Friday: UP, UP and AWAY!!!


Money, oh Money!

                 People work hard to earn a lot. to support a family, to support one's self  especially now that all commodities have gone higher. There are people who sell their payroll and bonuses in advance. A lot of people have their own share of debts here and there. So we can't blame them if they sell their salaries in advance just to pay bills and debt deadlines. 

No Water or No Electricity?

     Just a few weeks ago and until now, we've been having this water supply problem almost everyday. There is no water supply from early in the morning until lunch time. So what we do, we buy some gallons of water at the water refilling station just across our home. But there are times where they're also out of water. So it's really a big dilemma for all of us. I don't know if you agree with me that we'd rather have water but without electricity than to have electricity but no water at all.  
      Since we are having this problem almost everyday, instead of doing nothing or complaining, my mom decided to buy steel drums and barrels so we can stock water in it and so we won't be having problems taking a bath or doing our 'thing' in the bathroom, watering the plants, washing the car, and all those stuff that need water. 
      How about you? What do you do when this situations happens? 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: It's Freezing Cold!

Hi, guys!!! :) It's Wordless Wednesday time again. :) So you might be wondering who's in this picture? Uhmm. It's ME! Did you remember my post last week about my niece sleeping at the Hong Kong Airport lobby? Oh, yes. They got a picture of me, too. Grrrr. It was really cold at that time. I wasn't used to the "wintery" weather. Good thing we brought this blue and flowery blanky. And there was nothing to do but to take a rest while waiting for the sunrise. :)
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Word-filled Wednesday: PROVERBS 18:21


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Study Smart: 7 Paths to Exam Success

By Joy Paley who also writes for and has earned an online psychology degree
Proponents of study abroad programs cite their ability to expose students to different cultures and give future leaders a global perspective. While these aspects of study abroad programs certainly exist, college students in a new country are also exposed to some temptations of the flesh that can be a bit more exciting than studying for exams. While you might be working on your “global perspective” spending four nights a week at discotheques and the rest of your time oggling cute locals at outdoor cafes, you’re probably not gaining the type of perspective those university administrators were talking about. Here are seven tips for making the most of your academic experience abroad -- while also finding time for fun.

1. Use On-the-Go Study Tools

Most students in study abroad programs want to make the most of their time there, and consequently, they’re often on the road to see historic sights or wiling away the night partying. It pays to become familiar with study tools that you can easily use while you’re in transit. Flash cards are old school, but electronic versions on your iPhone can be a good alternative.

2. Make Local Friends

While living abroad for the first time can certainly be exciting, it can also be quite overwhelming. Some students don’t make the effort to really reach out to local residents in their classes or the community, and they find themselves doing everything with a herd of students from back home. Finding a few local friends will help you get much better at the language and ace your language exams. It will also ensure that you don’t go home feeling like you just spent two months abroad living in a bubble of your hometown college culture.

3. Study in an Immersive Environment

Just like it can be a temptation to hang around with a group of friends from home all the time, it can be easy to spend time studying in ways that don’t really put you into the local surroundings. Instead of just studying in the your room at your homestay, bring your books to a local library, café, or park. The more you immerse yourself in the language, the better you’ll get at it—without even trying!

4. Limit Nights Out

So far, these study tips have focused on preparing for your language classes, something that can be a big part of a study abroad experience. You’re going to have other classes, however; classes that won’t necessarily benefit from “immersive” experiences at the local bar or club. Just because you’re in a new locale, that doesn’t mean you’re on a full-time vacation. Keeping your nights out down to one or two times a week will give you more energy to study and be engaged during lectures.

5. Have Regular Skype Dates Home—Then Call It Quits

Leaving behind a romantic interest, friends, and family will leave you feeling homesick at some point or another. Instead of spending four hours a day on the phone, Skypeing, or checking Facebook, carefully schedule the hours you’ll be bonding with folks from back home. It’s good to stay in touch, but overdoing it will distract you from academic work and keep you from fully enjoying your time in a new culture.

6. Connect Classes to Your Local Environment

During study abroad, most students take classes about the history or culture of the area where they’re staying. Get out into the city, and see the sights that you’re learning about in class—you’ll be more likely to engage with the material and really internalize it.

7. Frequent Office Hours

At home, students hit up office hours to make professional connections with instructors, secure recommendation letters, or find a suitable academic advisor. While hanging out with your professors abroad might not present the same obvious benefits, making the time to see them outside of class will give more depth to what you’re learning in class and impress them with your dedication to learning.
6 Resume Builders for Recent Law School Grads
This post was written by John Steamost who also writes for, a great place to find free online courses
It seems as if many law school graduates are playing a losing game. When you started law school you began with dreams of a prestigious job, financial security and maybe a nice retirement years down the road. Now you’re tens of thousands of dollars in debt and that degree is starting to feel like it’s not worth the piece of paper that it’s printed on. Though it’s hard right now in the legal job market, there are ways to get an edge. That law degree may not be able to open as many doors for you as it once might have, but that doesn’t mean that you should start trying to hand it back to the university. Here are six ways that you can get an edge in this legal job market and finally find yourself employed. Thinking outside the box and by visiting sites like Guide to Career Education can also help you in your search.
  1. Attend bar association events in your area. Get out there and meet people who are in your situation or get to know the big wigs who are still seeking associates. A law degree on your résumé is not the automatic in it used to be and so the only way to get noticed is to make sure that the people doing the hiring know your face. Local bar association functions are a great way to meet other lawyers so that when it comes time to hire a new associate, they remember your stellar smile.
  2. Work for a non-profit. This may not be why you went to law school, but non-profits are still hiring with much more frequency than the big law firms. One of the reasons is that non-profits pay much less than a big firm, but a paycheck is better than no paycheck and it’s a way to get your foot in the door and pay off those student loans while you look for something else.
  3. Work at a university. My mother-in-law runs a legal foundation through New York University's Law School and she has recent law students clamoring to work for her. That’s because she is one of the only people in the legal world hiring. She doesn’t pay as well as the big firms, but she knows all the men and women at the big firms, and she also knows members of the media and people in government and working for her means having a chance at some face time with them.
  4. Start a blog. It seems to be the go-to for any person struggling with their career, look to the internet, start a blog, but if you are dedicated to your blog, if you make it interesting enough, a blog will help you market yourself for a job. A blog like might get you noticed in this market and it’s a great way to connect with others in similar situations.
  5. Help a professional with their pro bono work. While you can’t help a big time lawyer with his or her job at the firm, you can help them with their pro bono work. Contact an established lawyer you know is working on a welfare or custody case pro bono and ask to unoffically help with that. There are limits to what you're legally allowed to do, but you can file papers and do some research, or get them coffee. If you do a good job, they’ll be sure to remember your work and your initiative come hiring time.
  6. Start a practice. It seems like quite a leap, especially in this market, to go out on your own, but there are ways to start a practice that are not all out career suicide. Get together with some of your unemployed law school grad friends and start up a niche practice. If you fill a need that hasn’t been fulfilled, like perhaps dealing with online contracts or copyright issues, your practice might thrive.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Blue Monday, MYM, RT: The Float

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Getting Rid of Our Broken Ceiling Fan

             It's been several months already that our ceiling fan is broken. It's been such a burden sometimes because the ceiling fan is at our living room and so it is really needed especially if we have friends or relatives who'll visit our home. My mom has been trying to hire a technician to fix it but sadly, we can't contact anyone. So my sister and I would try to persuade our mom whenever we get to visit the mall to buy a new ceiling fan. We have seen lots of elegant, chic, and unique designs like the savoy house lighting which will match the colors and furniture in our living room. And yeah, a little more of our convincing powers and finally our mom will agree to buy a new one. :) 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Flowers For You and Me

                 I love flowers. How about you? I appreciate each flower I see in some gardens especially when they are well taken care of. I love roses, particularly the pink ones. I love tulips, daisies, orchids, calla lily, and even those flowers we often see on the roads. 

                 How about on special occasions like your birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas and anniversary? Do you expect flowers from your husband or your boyfriend? If you will ask me? I would honestly say, "YES!" How about a flower for your mom on Mother's day? I'm sure she'd love to receive a bouquet of flowers, too. 
                 But the typical problem is this: When these special occasions are approaching, the florists can demand a higher price for the flowers. They usually double or triple the prices. Consumers don't have any choice. 
                Good thing I stumbled upon this ProFlowers coupon and discounts. Theses codes make it easier, faster, and affordable to deliver the fresh flowers to our family and friends. They offer a lot of services and discounts--from free glass vase to free weekday delivery. Though this depends on your coupon codes. But nonetheless, we get discounts in every purchase. That's just what we are after, right? :) 

Thursday, March 10, 2011


When I saw their costumes, the very thing that went up to my mind was the PINK FRIDAYS meme. So I thought, "It's PINK!! I gotta take a picture of them so I can post it this Friday." Haha...So here it is now.. :)
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Skywatch Friday

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Picture Perfect: One of a Kind

This is Pastor John of A Bucket of Wisdom and ate Grace of Gracia Fashionista. I say they're a one of a kind couple because through the years we see in them the LOVE they have for each other. It keeps sweeter and sweeter everyday. They have been such an inspiration to me and to other youngsters at church. A true blessing from God indeed. I love this couple so much.
      So when I get married with the one I love someday, I will surely get this couple as one of our principal sponsors. Why? I'm sure we will get a big surprise from them. LOL!! No. Just kidding. The very reason is that I am sure they will help us nurture our relationship the same way they have nurtured their relationship all these years. I truly consider Ptr. John my big brother and Ate Grace my big sister. I love you both! :)
I am looking forward for more pizza moments with you, guys. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011




Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping Child

Oh, I got to explain this. This isn't just someone I happened to pass by. But she's my niece. :) This was at the Hong Kong International Airport. We arrived at around 1AM. We were aware that at those hours, there are no buses or trains available. So we decided to just stay at the lounge for a couple of hours. Oh well, what can we expect from a five-year-old? Obviously, she'd choose to sleep. :) 

A great Wednesday for all of us! :)

Watery Wednesday: The Answer

Some of you might have wondered why this is similar to what I posted last week. It is not similar. It's actually the same picture that I posted. You might wonder again why I have the same photo? Well, some of you asked where those water come from or where it leads to? The reason why I posted it back because today I'm going to give you the answer. And here it is below:

It's actually a fountain. :) 

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