Sunday, October 30, 2011


           Have you ever tried to shop for appliances and end up buying something you did not really like? I mean you could have opted for a better brand but because of time constraints you have made a wrong decision which you greatly regretted.  With shopping for  appliance online, you could do away with such mistakes.  For one, you would have ample time to decide.  You can take a look at different photos, weigh the pros and cons on different products, plus you would be able to compare prices more wisely.

             Shopping online brings us lots of conveniences.  You don’t have to bring the appliance from the store to your house—it will be delivered right at your doorstep!  Not to mention of course that you would get a free demo right in your own house, and you would be assured that the product you got was the one you have always wanted.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What's the World's Favorite Sport?

          Soccer has always been the world’s favorite sport. I say this while the Philippine national soccer team Azkals are making a name in the field of football. And this year marks the Philippines’ first victory ever in FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Never mind the World Cup 2014, Philippines is still in its heights in football  after beating Sri Lanka, making every Filipinos’ hearts ablaze in hope of a bright future in soccer, inspiring young Filipinos to continue this trail for years to come.

          I have tried playing this game and learned first-hand that it is not as easy as it looks. No other game could be as exhausting, I did not finish the first half. It’s quite exhilarating, to say the least, that many countries like to claim soccer as their national sport. Philippines has embraced it as a favourite sport only recently but the number of avid followers like me is already growing fast. In some countries like Spain and Brazil, the people are so passionate about this sport that even little kids can do amazing foot works. Many will have a future in at least some facet of the game.

          The least popular football game, Rugby, is also played like soccer. I still would like to see a live Rugby game played in our city although I’ve seen it played live on television using my discount voucher. The popularity of this sport entails a demand for pricey football equipment.  Good thing that discount coupons are available online. 

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WFW: Matthew 11:28

Matthew 11:28 is a very famous verse in the Bible and no matter how many times it has been used but the promise of God will always remain. He promised that He will carry all the heavy loads that we have been carrying and He will give us rest if we come to Him. Let's all lift our burdens unto Him and put our whole trust in the Lord.

Let's all have a blessed Wednesday! :)

WW and PF: Sony Xperia

This is my entry for Wednesday Whites and Pink Fridays. The white Sony Xperia for WW and our pink mattress for PF. ;) Happy Wednesday!!! ;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


             Have you ever gone shopping and you thought, “why are these dresses and shoes so tiny?”. Yes, the mannequins are so petite. The models are so slim it seems that this world has forgotten there are people who simply can’t fit into these sizes. 
           Good thing there are plus size shoes and dresses these days. It is always a comfort for those who are looking for sizes that are a little bit bigger than the usual ones we find in the department stores.

            Here are some tips in finding those plus size shoes:
·         For ladies who are so conscious of their big feet, heeled shoes can seem to make your feet appear smaller.  Face it, ladies with big feet would like to make it appear smaller, right?  So rather than picking flats, choose ones with heels.
·         Pointy shoes could also make your feet appear smaller, as supposed to round tipped shoes.

           Choose dark colored over light colored ones.  It somehow makes your feet smaller than it actually is.  This is the same trick you can do for blouses and dresses.  Dark colored clothing can do the trick of making you appear slimmer.


Studies show that vehicular accidents are most likely to happen at night.  This is because our eyesight is not as sharp as what we have during daytime.  Aside from that, motorists can easily sleep at night.  It is always safer to drive during the daytime, but of course if we come across drunk drivers, they can always cause harm regardless of time. 

Have you been a victim of a car accident?  It will always be a good idea to ask the help of experts such as arizona car accident lawyers.  Some victims could easily get help from the ones who caused the accidents such as paying for hospital costs, but for all you know, you could get a lot more than that. 
With the arizona auto accident lawyers, you could be educated of the other benefits that you are entitled to get as a victim.  Aside from getting the medical care that you need, you could also be helped with post-hospital needs which could be of help to you and your family.


         Buying a camera is one of the best investments you could ever have.  It is always great to capture precious moments with family and friends, and you get to keep the photos to yourself.  If you don’t have your own camera, you end up copying other people’s photos which could take so much time.
Now, you are faced with the decision as to what kind of camera you will get.

         Aside from considering your budget, you also have to think about the brand, the specs of the camera you want to invest in.  That could be tough, since every camera brand nowadays would tell you lots of reasons why you should make their brand your choice.  This is why you would need the aid of consumer reports digital cameras. At least you will be guided in buying the camera you have always wanted.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tueday Travels: Rio de Janeiro Carnival


               It's Tuesday and it's time post my entry for Tuesday Travels. This month's theme is to post our most loved carnivals in the world. Hmmm. Though I travel a lot but I don't usually get a chance to witness carnivals. Anyway, in my wildest dreams, visiting Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is always on top of the list. I would love to see the ever beautiful places in that country. Aside from that, I also would love to witness the Rio carnival which is said to be the biggest and grandest carnival in the whole world.

                                I wanna see and witness for myself how grand and marvelous it is! How about you? What's your favorite carnival? Don't forget to share yours, okay? :)


Saturday, October 15, 2011


         Printing important documents could cost so much.  I used to avail of printing services in computer or internet cafĂ© shops, but I realized that when there’s a need for mass printing, purchasing a printer would be worth the investment.  Having your own printer is actually very convenient.  You may not realize it, but you have saved a lot on costs, effort, and time. 

         Your printing quality and the quantity that you get would even be doubled when you have hp toner cartridges.  So  when you think you won’t buy your own printer because you want to save on costs, think again.  A printer can be an investment you won’t regret. If you find you can handle this, check online for colleges that
offer classes in cosmetology.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Get Him a Palladium Ring

       After the excitement of the engagement has worn off it is time to get serious.  It is time to look for a ring for him.  Join the thousands of people that have gotten him a palladium ring.  Palladium is the newest used white precious metal in jewelry.  There are many reasons why you should consider a palladium ring.  The first reason is the price can’t be beat, especially when you compare it to the price of platinum.  They aren’t even in the same ballpark.

       There are many designs that you can choose from when looking for a palladium ring.  The most popular though are simple palladium rings.  People just love simple.  Sometimes simple is the best way to express your love.  Another great thing about palladium rings is that you don’t have to wait to get married to wear one. In fact they are great for a wedding anniversary or any other special occasion.  They are great replacements for old worn out rings or just an upgrade.

Defuzz Dilemma

        A percentage of women have a problem of getting rid of their upper lip hairs. Or maybe you are one of them...So the question is, how do we get rid of upper lip hairs? Is it true that they grow back thicker if we shave them just like the hairs on our legs and armpits?

       According to my readings, the process of waxing easily removes the hairs above your upper lip. There are two ways you can choose from. It's either you go to a salon and have them professionally waxed or you can simply wax them off yourself using a home facial waxing kit.

      If you choose to wax them off yourself, just simply follow the directions of the kit. All you need is some warm or cold wax spread them thinly and carefully over the hairs, press the wax using a fabric strip, and after a few minutes pull the wax fast. Sounds, uhmm, painful? Oh well, if you consider yourself a big girl already then you can surely handle stuff like this.

       It is really important to have followed the process correctly so that all the hairs are pulled off. They will not grow back thicker but instead thinner because the hairs were pulled at the root. It will only grow back thicker is we shave them.

       So do you have problems with upper lip hairs? Try that process at home or to be safe, go to the nearest salon and have it removed by a professional.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Carpet Maintenance

Installing carpet depends on one's capacity to buy it and take care of it.

Having a carpet in one's home, especially in the bedroom or the living room, gives additional place to relax and get cozy. Children are the first to roll on the carpet especially when they are watching TV or doing their own thing like drawing or making their school assignments. It is only right that you regularly have your carpet cleaned as it becomes a source of allergic reaction to some especially when it has accumulated enough dust and the fiber is trying to separate itself from where it is rooted rendering them useless as they float on the air and cause others to sneeze.

At times during special occasions you would host a party like during birthdays or Christmas. You have no other place to welcome your guest but in the living room. As it happens in most parties, accidents cause food and wine to fall on places where it should not, like the carpet. No worries if you have the best carpet stain remover because it will easier for you to get rid of the stain and the dirt. 

Internet Protection

       Being connected over the internet gives  you the privilege of learning a lot as information is often free for the taking. You can also watch videos and see history like you have never before or watch missed movies or even reminisce with your favorites. It is also a place where you can play games and entertain yourself. You can also download software applications, programs, games, videos, mp3s, documents, presentations, etc. Having all of them at the tip of your fingertips is just awesome, is it not? Not to mention the speedy communication by email.

       Once you get connected over the internet you are exposing your computer to the outside world. Even if you do not share something from your computer, what usually happens is you get infected with viruses and malwares and worms. Since most users are using Windows, virus creators are writing codes that will infect Windows users to spread the evil intent more widely. Check with to maximize internet protection

Gift Ideas for Men

      If you have to think of a gift and who to give it to, chances are it is easier to gift women than men. Basically, women can tell or express what it is they like while men remain almost mysterious often. It is just how men are wired because they lack the linguistic capability that women have. With focus and determination, being able to express one's thoughts can be learned. On the other hand, not all women are expressive but most take it easy.

       If you are the girl, what birthday gifts for boyfriend can you think of? Have you asked him what he likes or are you also left hanging on to mystery?

       Here are some clues. Men are generally practical. They want something useful like something to add to the tool box. Power tools will always be a delight. If you want something that he can use everyday to remember you by, try a wallet, key holder or a refillable pen engraved with his name.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

3 Italian Villas Perfect for Family Getaways

With cities that have seen thousands of years of history, Italy is a country offering some of the most exciting sites in all of Europe to visit. A truly comfortable stay in the country may be hard to obtain in a normal hotel, though. Fortunately, villas for rent in Italy provide some of the best getaways for families looking to dip into the history of Italy.

[View of Villa Teresa, a luxury villa in Italy]
Located on the Amalfi Coast, just a few kilometers from the center of Sorrento, Villa Teresa is a comfortable three-bedroom property with a swimming pool, a pizza oven (for true Italian pizza!), and Wi-Fi internet access. Olive trees and potted flowers adorn the grounds, and if the delights of the villa itself aren’t enough, though, grocery stores, bus stops, and restaurants are all found less than five hundred meters away, yet all are kept at a comfortable distance by the electronic gate. With space, entertainment, and a chance to try some true Italian cooking courtesy of the hired chef, Villa Teresa makes a great vacation location for the whole family.

[View of Impero, a luxury villa in Italy]
A comfortable three-bedroom apartment, Impero offers some of the finest hospitality to be found in Italian villas within its walls. Gorgeous art decorates the walls, comfortable furniture provides space to lounge… and a trip out the doors will take you straight into the very heart of Rome itself, one of the greatest cultural centers of all Europe. Indeed, it would take far too long to list every experience a family could have within even as little as ten minutes walking distance from this villa. With direct access to some of the greatest buildings, statues, and icons in all of Italy, Impero makes for a masterful base from which a family can explore the storied city of Rome… and if all the walking leaves you tired out, its welcoming design will allow you to truly relax and rejuvenate, just in time for another fabulous day of exploration.

[View of Villa Mapal, a luxury villa in Italy]
Lovingly and carefully restored by its current owners to provide the finest of modern comfort on the island of Sicily, Villa Mapal is a five bedroom villa built in classic Liberty style at the end of the 1800s. Just three minutes from the World Heritage Site of Noto and four minutes from a lively, beautiful beach, this villa offers immense excitement outside, while its interior features of a pool, Jacuzzi, home theater system, barbeque, and even mosquito netting help keep it comfortable in every way. For a step off the mainland and onto the historic island of Sicily, Villa Mapal is a location for the whole family to enjoy.

Master Chef - Philippine Edition

       I have already said this before, I love to watch reality TV shows and cooking shows. In fact, Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen are two of my favorite cooking shows. I get carried away and would always keep drooling with all those mouth-watering foods the contestants cook.

        Two months ago, one of the countries leading TV network here in the Philippines bought a franchise of the Master Chef cooking show and they were so busy auditioning all over the country. But they strictly stated that an applicant must not or should not be a into cooking jobs or employed as a hotel Chef or Head Cook Jobs because the show will only cater contestants who simply loves cooking and not those who do it professionally.

         I am so excited to watch the cooking show with all the Filipinos showing off their cooking skills in the whole world. :)