Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scary Activities for Halloween

      A day ago, on my other blog, I posted my short article about costume attires used by my nieces and nephews in the States. Now I will be talking something related to a particular holiday which is perfect with costume attires. This event is no other than the Halloween.

               Halloween is celebrated or observed mostly in western countries every 31st of October. House owners decorated indoor halloween d├ęcor to make it more realistic. And there are a lot of scary yet fun activities to be done during this day. Some of them are the carving jack-o'-lanterns, visiting every available haunted attractions or horror houses, sharing with friends the scariest stories they know, watching horror movies, attending costume parties, and the must not be forgotten trick-or-treating activity.

                Whew! I'm scared of a lot of things but I can face them with my family and friends. How about you? What do you usually do during the 31st of October? What's your most unforgettable Halloween experience?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Save on Your Grocery Bills

If there are ways on how you can save, you would grab the opportunity right? Imagine the amount of money that you can save and how you can use these extra cash for something else. Perhaps you can give yourself a little reward? Here are some tips on how you can cut back your grocery expenses:

Cut and clip those coupons. Yes, coupons are still the best way to save on practically anything. Check your Sunday newspaper and cut those grocery coupons and start organizing them. Set a side a few minutes of your time trying to find coupons on various resources and even online. You’ll be surprised on how much you can save when you use them. Just a piece of advice: make sure to read the fine print before you present them in order to avoid any problems.

You can also sign up for a membership card on your favorite grocery store. If you frequent a specific store every week, it will be better to enroll on their membership club or loyalty rewards programs. Stores offer reward points to loyal customers and in time you could redeem them. Often they also offer discounts on items exclusive only for members.

Determine your needs from wants. Do you really have to buy the most expensive cooking oil on the shelf or you can opt for the other one? Compare prices and don’t immediately jump in the first item that you see. It pays to look around and scan through the wide selection before buying.

Remember that as a smart shopper, take your time and do not rush your grocery shopping. The ever reliable grocery list could also come in handy.

I just would like to add something: It doesn't take an online masters in accounting (although everyone would benefit by taking an online accounting class or two) to know to take every opportunity to save money.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Fish Foot Spa Experience

          It's Wednesday again! And what's with Wednesdays? Hmmm. It's the time to post our entries for the wednesday memes, especially the Wednesday Whites meme by ate Raya. :) Okay, so here's my post for this week---photos from our Manila adventure. We went to the famous Star City amusement park. One of the things I enjoyed the most was when we had our first ever fish foot spa together. It was sooooo fun that we were laughing the whole time.
           As you can see, the fishes are big, unlike the usual fishes in other fish foot spas. It was more ticklish because its mouth were bigger. Haha. But it was so refreshing after the spa. Overall, we had so much fun.
Don't know if this practice would be part of lpn certification, but it was very therapeutic!

           How about you, friends? Have you tried the fish foot spa?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Achieving the Best of Health With Elite Whey Protein

            Everyone nowadays is beginning to be health-conscious. Of course with all the junk we are eating from fast and processed foods, it would be good to be thinking of how to live a healthy, long life. It is a fact that although we strive to eat healthy foods, we could not get all the necessary protein, vitamins and minerals that our body needs and requires from our diet alone.

           This is the reason why we would need elite whey protein. This is especially recommended for sports people who need to have a balanced, healthy diet that could cope with their active lifestyles. With this food supplement, one is guaranteed that he gets the protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins that the body needs and requires. It is not meant to replace the regular meals, but to supplement them.

           For those who are trying to work out in order to have those muscles you have always wanted, it is a fact that you cannot get those with just pure weight lifting. It would take years for you to achieve that, but with elite whey protein, you can have those muscles a lot sooner than you think! You can stretch your energy level to the fullest, enjoy the best health and be the sports person you have always wanted to be. This food supplement just might be what you need.

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           Once in a while I get invited to a bridal shower party. It is always a challenge what to give the soon-to-bride! I always give gifts that she could use in her married life like a good marriage book or something like that. Sometimes I give a wedding night lingerie.

            My friends would always have a good time when we celebrate those shower parties. It is always a perfect time to have an all-girls get together… and of course it is always fun to spend time with a friend who will soon be entering marriage.

            I can’t help but wonder, though… when will a bridal shower party be hosted for me?


         In our home country we have a culture of getting godparents for infants or babies on their christening. Since I have many married friends with babies, I am always taken as one of the godmothers. Sometimes it could be difficult since in our culture, godparents are expected to give gifts on their birthdays and on Christmas.
         Maybe next time if someone asks me to be the baby’s godparent, I would sponsor christening invitations from which would also serve as my gift for the baby. Aside from giving the baby unique invitation cards, I can give him or her something to cherish when he or she sees the invitation in the baby album. It would cost me, I’m sure, but there is nothing as fulfilling as being remembered as the godmother who gave out invitations with unique and amazing designs!


          My married friends think I have really a huge savings being single. The truth is, I don’t have any. At least not yet, but I am trying hard to save up—you know… for the future. As they say, it’s always best to save for the rainy days. I guess it’s really true that when our income increases, so does our needs—or maybe “wants” would be a better word.

           Good thing there are payday loans whenever there is an urgent need for cash. So for now I guess the best thing for me to do is to prioritize my expenses and have enough self-discipline not to buy anything that I don’t need for the moment.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sometimes we Need a Woman's Touch

Only women can breastfeed.
The comfort and nurturing of a mother’s touch along with the nourishment provided by nature’s natural and best first food is an unmatched combination. From the very beginning of life a woman’s touch is one of comfort, trust, and nurturing. Because of the natural ability of women their position and presence in certain vital positions is well known and accepted. Here are just a few:
They are beneficial in the security of staff, prisoners and the general population.
Women are more of a practical choice in the practice of pat down and search of staff or visitors entering the prison setting. Many women find being searched by the same sex as less threatening and intrusive. Not many men, on the other hand object to being searched by a woman.
Searches and pat downs are necessary for the protection and security of prisoners, staff and the public at large. This is a necessary precaution as there is much pressure put on some family members and staff to bring in weapons, cash, drugs and other such paraphernalia. Inmates may manipulate, bribe, blackmail or coerce family into sneaking these items in and passing them to them on visits.
Women correctional officers reduce violence in the prison setting.
Women are also found to bring a calming effect and a sense of normalcy for the male population. Men will actually strive to behave in a more civilized manner and studies have shown that the presence of women have made an impact on lowering the violence in prisons. A woman officer or counselor is more likely to be able to stop a fight before it escalates than her male counterpart. A prison setting is actually a sub cultural. Within that subculture there is a hierarchy. The prisoner who has committed crimes against women or children ranks at the bottom, so it is natural that the prisoner will try to not break that line of taboo, so will try to avoid assaulting the female staff while in the presence of his peers.
Women prisoners feel more secure guarded by female officers.
Women staff at women’s facility too has been found to more practical in many aspects. Many women prisoners have been victims of male abuse and are very uncomfortable with men being around them day and night. They may feel threatened and react adversely. It has also been found that a few male officers have succumbed to the temptation and violated their authority while guarding women and have even caused women inmates to be impregnated.
Victims of abuse are more relaxed in confiding to women staff.
A woman police officer is very beneficial in the interrogation of victims of abuse, assault and rape, while the presence of a male may cause the victim to be even more fearful and refuse to talk. It is not because the male is not gentle, compassionate or good at communicating. It is simply that victims tend to be fearful of someone of the same gender as their assailant directly after the incident. It may take years of counseling to overcome this fear, but in order to proceed and see that justice is sought a woman’s ear is more comforting.
It is less stressful to be examined by a fellow female.
Some women may postpone their appointments and skip them altogether rather than be examined by a male medical professional. There are certain procedures and healthcare issues that a woman is just more comfortable with discussing and going for treatment with woman staff than with a male, for example a pelvic exam or a mammography. These are rather intrusive and private examinations that are made just a little less frightening when shared with another female. It may be difficult to discuss a sexual problem with another female, but it is more than difficult to discuss with a male. She may feel embarrassed and misunderstood. Some male physicians have a female nurse to sit in the office during the procedure in order to make the patient more at ease.
The natural ability of a female to nurture, care for and inspire trust should not be overlooked but encouraged.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Boarding Passes To Manila


This is my Wednesday Whites entry. :) These were our boarding passes from Cagayan de Oro to Manila. As what I have posted a few weeks back, my best friends and I went to Manila for our first ever out of town trip. I intentionally took a photo of it simply just for the meme. Haha.

How about you? What is your WW entry? ....See you around, guys!

Some people can get an MBA online degree, be really smart, work really hard, but never really
experience new things, travel, or life in general. It is great to open up
new horizons.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Car Crash

   The accident happened on summer of 2006. Mike wasn't that old yet. His car crashed against a big bus. He felt like crash wanted to tear him apart. He was unconscious for more that 5 hours. An ambulance brought him to the hospital.

    Everyone were shocked when they found out he was paralyzed neck down. Fortunately, social security disability insurance paid for the hospital bills and covered most expenses. Mike now receives a pension from the SSDI.

     How about you? Are you insured? Will you be able to get something from your insurance company when you will be sick?

Jewelry Making Tools

         While in Cebu last weekend, I happened to chat with my cousin. We talked about anything under the sun just to catch up with the lost times. We were able to tackle about business matters. So my cousin told me something related to the topic. Ever since they were little, Lucy, her sister, and she would stare at their friend's mom whenever their parents would meet at their subdivision weekend meetings. They admired almost everything about her, especially her jewelries.

           Now that they're grown-ups, they still admire her. But that admiration made them strive harder to also own fine jewelries. Little did they know that this would push them into the jewelry business. At first, they bought a set of jewelry making tools, then employed an expert in making jewelries.

           At present, they won a jewelry shop, have 18 employees, and own several jewelry making tools. And early next year, they will open a branch at d biggest mall in the city.

            How awesome is that! I am so happy with what I heard and what they have achieved. I would love to own a jewelry shop someday, too.

You Got It!

            There's this new dance contest on TV that we love to watch. It is specified that one of the categories is uniqueness. Costume is also important. One night, we watched the said show. Contestants were ready to perform in their respective costumes. Some were in shorts, some wit headdress, some in pants, and others wore ordinary clothes. Then the contest started.
             One particular contestant who was in hip hop clothes happened to be the last performer. He was the only contestant who was not so prepared to perform. He missed lots of steps but covered them up by just a little step or hop here and there.

             The judges were so impressed that he carried out the whole dance so well in spite of some mistakes. The hip hop clothes he wore were of great help. He won the contest and promised himself to practice more for the next contest he'll join in.

              How about you? Have you tried joining contests like these? How prepared were you then? What preparations did you make?

Bitten By A Dog

   In this generation, hi-tech electronic gadgets are in, like cellphones, computers, iPods, iPads, and many more. My nephew wanted so much to buy PS3, since almost all his friends own one. He ordered one from his uncle in the states. He was so glad when at last, he got what he wanted. He took good care of it to the point that even his sister was not allowed to play if he's not around.
    Then one night, he attended a gathering. Out of curiosity, his sister took the PS3 from the drawer, plugged it in and played. Buts she was so careless that after playing, she left the PS3 headset on the chair, forgetting to place it back in the drawer.
    After a while, their dog got the PS3 headset and bit the cord into pieces. When my nephew came back, he saw what happened. He got so mad. However, since he couldn't do anything about it, in the morning, he went to the mall to find PS3 headset and bought it.
     The moral of this is to return the gadgets or anything to its proper place, right?

Friday, August 5, 2011

5 Most Notable Christian Colleges In The U.S.

Christian colleges are their own breed.  These schools combine the usual college education with Christian values which results in a unique environment and learning experience.  These are the 5 most notable of these Christian colleges in the U.S. and what Christian colleges provide that makes them so special.

Spiritual Formation

These colleges provide a spiritual foundation for an ethical life.  While other colleges may stick to providing an education that sticks to the usual school subjects, Christian colleges focus on teaching their students how to act in accordance with their faith in all situations.  This is something that you won't find at most colleges and it makes Christian colleges a cut above the rest.  Teaching classes that lead to a degree in a certain subject area is one thing.  Teaching students to be emissaries of Christ's love to the world is quite another.

A Christian Environment

Another special aspect of going to a Christian college is the Christian environment.  Some colleges are such jokes that they are referred to as party schools.  In fact, at many schools parties consisting of drunk college students and indiscriminate sexual relations are the norm.  At a good Christian college you will find no wild parties of this sort to distract from your studies, from your Christian morals, or from being a decent human being.  The Christian environment attempts to elevate the behavior of students to one of thoughtful actions where all are respected and Christian morals are upheld.

Helping Others

Christian colleges also tend to focus on helping others.  Whether this shows up as volunteering at local charities or just finding those that need assistance on campus, this is a noble pursuit and another one that you will find in short supply at many non-Christian colleges.  Christian colleges do not stop with the memorization of Bible verses to be trotted out whenever someone has beliefs that are not Christian.  Instead, these colleges teach students to be of service to others in need regardless of their beliefs.  This is an honorable undertaking as Christian colleges teach their students to show love to all people and most especially those who are in need of that love.

Deep Religious Discussions

Christian colleges provide the perfect venue for deep religious discussions.  Christians need to explore and discuss their beliefs to understand the logic behind them and to be able to believe them not just because that's what they grew up with.  These discussions allow students to explore their beliefs so that every student can choose what they believe and what they need to look at in greater detail for a fuller understanding before they decide what they believe.

A Quality Education With All the Above

As if all that were not enough, these Christian colleges supply students with quality college educations as well.  The presence of Christian beliefs does not take away from the usual college experience.  To the contrary, these beliefs are integrated into that experience to make college itself a Christian experience.

5 Most Notable Christian Colleges

  1. Wheaton College
  2. Westmont College
  3. George Fox University
  4. Pepperdine University
  5. Gordon College

Tom H. Reinecker most frequently blogs about how students can find an accredited online Christian college.