Monday, January 31, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday. Yellow Furniture

At a seafood restaurant. A 15-minute drive from the city proper. :)                      

Friday, January 28, 2011

A 45-Day Challenge!

        Jonathan, a church friend of mine, and I agreed to start dieting this week. I will get rid of my bulging stomach and he will bring back his six pack abs again. He misses his six pack abs especially now that he got bigger and bigger. Jojo and I agreed to eat breakfast only and no more other meals. We are so serious to get back in shape. He has been taking mens fat burner now plus exercise plus his diet. So we’ll see who gets to lose weight and who’ll look more fabulous in a matter of 45 days. I will update you soon for the results! 

FoodTripFriday: Mini Halo-halo

A mini Halo-halo at Cafe Laguna, at Ayala Center- Cebu. 

SkyWatch Friday

Happy SkyWatch Friday Everyone! Have a great weekend, too!

Prenatal Vitamins

          This is what I’ve searched in the net today. It’s about prenatal vitamins. Women are really encouraged and advised to go to their OB-Gyne and have their prenatal check-ups. One of the doctor’s prescriptions is to take prenatal vitamins. 
           So do we really need prenatal vitamins? Are they safe? I’ve read about trimedisyn reviews. It’s the experts’ top choice. Trimedisyn is said to be a high quality prenatal vitamin. It contains effective and very safe amount of the key vitamins and ingredients that the mom and baby needs. It is also easy to swallow. And it has a brain boosting formula. What more could you ask for? We all want the best for our little ones, right? So why not go for the best. However, it’s still best to visit your doctor. 

Riding a White Horse

            Horseback riding is one of the attractions every time there are festivals in the country. You just pay a few bucks then you can have a ride on the horses available. You can even wear a cowboy hat, too. But to be honest, I am so scared of riding a horse. It gets me the feeling that the horse might not like me and would just gallop all over the place and would result for me to get injured. Lol. How wild my imagination is! And  I just simply admire how an equestrian manage to ride a horse very freely and would even do simple, as well as complicated tricks but is still having fun. I just wish before I reach thirty, I’d be able to ride a horse (a white horse in particular) without the fear of falling.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

On Best Weight Loss Products

           I have been writing a lot about losing weight and what products to use. There are best weight loss products and the not so best products in the market today. We can read them on magazines and newspapers. We can watch it on TV and surf them in the internet. They are all over. But it’s so difficult to choose which ones are very effective and which ones are not. Most probably, the effectiveness of these fat burners may depend on how each body respond. So just choose wisely, my friends. Read thoroughly about the reviews and testimonials of each product before you use them. Make sure it won’t destroy your body but rather give you the best result you ever dreamed of, will also make you feel happier and slimmer, and will surely boost your self-esteem. 

Working Out My Abs

         Who needs a workout? An abs workout? Of course, I do!!! Without a doubt, I do need a workout. It has been months already that I have been trying to lose weight. I have tried almost everything. I don’t have flabby arms but I’m working on my bulging belly. I just need to get rid of this as soon as I can. I am gaining and gaining everyday and it is not fun to look at anymore. So I got to start an abs workout. I hope I’ll succeed and will be able to reach my goal. 

Desiring an HTC Desire

            My phone now is turning 4 years old. It’s not that I love it so much that’s why I’m still holding on to it. Actually, it’s still working really well. However, by just looking at it we can directly say that it’s old. Haha. And I guess it’s time to change my old phone to a new and better one. There are so many amazing, chic, elegant cellphones nowadays so we just have to choose our style and what suits us the best. I have read a lot of reviews about cellphones, including the htc desire reviews. And whoa, I now desire an HTC Desire smartphone! Oh well, it suits me! I love it! Gotta save some amount of money and replace this old phone of mine with that amazing phone! 

Riding an ATV

           I have always wanted to try driving an ATV by myself. But would I ever survive? LOL. I remember, last year, when we went to the adventure park in our place where we can do the longest dual zipline in Asia, one of its attractions is the ATV. A lot of people were swarming on that area, too. So I thought, why not try it? But I also thought, do I know how to drive it? I should drive a steep hill and it’s near a cliff, too. Would I ever want to risk my life? I said to myself, “Not now.” I got to learn how to drive first. LOL. But watching my friends on the ATVs with huge ATV tires, how challenging, fun and awesome it is! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shoot Me: Shake Delight

No wonder I got a flabby tummy in just a couple of months. LOL. 
Happy Thursday everybody!!!! 

Online Selling and Buying

           In the present times, there are so many ways to purchase things. The traditional way is to go to the mall or shopping centre to buy your favourite stuff. But let’s talk about the “IN” thing nowadays. online auction and selling through social networks are the “IN” thing in this generation. Almost everyday, I see my friends tagged in those different kinds of online shops in Facebook. They sell different stuff like shoes, bags, accessories, perfumes, and other things. What each person must do is to contact the seller and just fill up the form, pay through paypal or other modes of payment, just wait for two days, then viola, you’ll receive what you purchased. How convenient is that, right? 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spotting Scopes or Binoculars?

          I remembered 3 years ago, I visited a friend’s house together with my other workmates. Their house is overlooking the city and the view is just so spectacular. One thing that makes it more amazing was their telescope. It was like in the movies. It made me want to own one, too. In fact, I took a picture of myself with that telescope. Then when I reached home, I immediately searched it on the internet on how much it cost. Wow. I can’t afford it.  So I tried looking for something else. Binoculars and spotting scopes are more affordable. Lol. It got me into thinking again. What should I buy? Would it be worth it? 

MYM, Blue Monday, Ruby Tuesday: Boracay Split and Chocolate Oreo Split

Boracay Split and Chocolate Oreo Split at Ice Castle. This was last Saturday during a date with my boyfriend. :) We celebrated our 5th monthsary! I thank God for everything. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Stylish Blogger Award

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to my dear ate Grace of Gracia Fashionista for giving me this award.
          Here's the thing. You just got to link back and thank the person who gave you this award. 
          Then share 7 things about yourself..  Here's mine:
1. I'm an Online English teacher to Koreans for about 3 years already. 
2. I still hate public speaking. 
3. I am still learning how to save money. 
4. I have gained more or less 12 lbs in a matter of 6 months. (And it's alarming!)
5. I have vitiligo. (still struggling but has always been trying to learn to accept it) 
6. The above answer is a secret to most people but I guess it's time for you to know. :) 
7. I looooooove to travel inside and outside the country with my family and my friends. :) 

  It's time to pass this award to my dear friends Jackie of God Brought Me Here For a Reason,  Grace of Gracia Fashionista (I'd be glad to give her back the same award), and Kayce of My Daily Notes

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Security Camera Systems

        Is it safe to stroll around the city or anywhere we like to hang out? Or do we really care about our safety? Do you know the first thing to do when you’re being robbed? Who needs security camera nowadays?   These are just some questions we often get recently.
         Every time we turn on the radio or TV to watch news there’s always news about thieves, burglars, robbers, carnapped vehicles, murderers, and all these bad stuff going on every now and then. We should get alarmed with these headlines because it concerns each one of us. People must keep in mind their safety first before anything else. Securing our family and loved ones, our homes and other properties are very important nowadays.  Like one of the things each household and each small or big establishment in the area may do is to setup their own wired or wireless home security system, security alarms, surveillance cameras, CCTV cameras, and other security systems for our safety.
        We may say, “Oh, that’s ridiculous! That’s too expensive. We don’t have money to buy such kind of thing.” So here’s what I got to ask you, would you rather choose your family and yourself to be in danger than to spend too much for each one’s safety? What if, God forbid, someone took your important stuff, can you do anything with it?  When you have installed alarms or security camera, it would be easy for you to trace the necessary things that are important in the investigation. Isn’t it?
         Better be safe than sorry. It’s better to spend on something like this for our safety. So are you going to spend an amount of money for security alarms? If I were you, I will.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

SkyWatch: The Bridge and the Sky

At 6:00A.M..Taken at a resort away from home. :)
Happy weekend everyone!! :) 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shoot Me: Behind the Banana Boat

Forever In Blue Jeans

My Shorts Are Too Tight!!

          When I was younger, I love wearing skorts. I thought it was so fashionable then. Actually, I still often wear them nowadays. However, when I get to my usual clothing, shorts or jeans are the firsts in the closet. Sadly, almost all my shorts are too tight to me already because I gained too much weight in the past months. So now I am looking forward in buying a lot of girls shorts this weekend. Woohoo! I can’t wait to shop! Getting rid of the old ones and tight ones in particular and saying hello to the new and stylish ones!

Food Storage

      When we hold a party at home, one of the things that I hate is the lack of food storage. You know what I mean, dear friends? I know you experienced the same experience with me. The aftermath of the party is we clean the area, get the left-over food, wash the dishes, and do other cleaning stuff. Food storage or food containers are really important. We always have to store the food in containers so that it will all fit in the refrigerator and it will not be spoiled. However, I already told my mom to buy food containers with different sizes and designs so that it will not just look plain in the fridge but rather with chic and style. 

Who Needs Sleeping Pills?

       Do I need a sleeping pill? Here’s my routine: I wake at 5:45 to prepare for my work at 6A.M.. Then I am free at around 11A.M. until 6P.M.. I’ll be working again at 6P.M. until 12 midnight. I don’t go to sleep after that. I still have to do reports and check emails, blog, chatting with friends on Facebook and so many other things. So I usually sleep at 2A.M. So going back to my question, do I need sleeping pills? I think I need to consider a lot of major things before I take one pill, right? So I tried searching this suggested site from a friend in the internet – She said this site can somehow help me decide on which pill is right and effective for me. So for you, my friends, before buying pills directly, check out some reviews first and weigh things over. 

What To Do With Acne?

          Yesterday, I had a blast together with my co-workers. We haven’t seen each other for quite a while so we didn’t let the chance pass but to enjoy each minute together. As expected, each one must have to share something or anything that’s been going on with our own lives. So when my other friend’s turn came, we were kind of bothered about her concern. It was the growing acne on her face. I remembered her as one of the prettiest gals in the group but when I saw her back, she’s got pimples all over her face. As she was sharing, she’s been mentioning acne solutions that she has tried and she wants to know if we can help her in any way. Then we tried to advice her to visit a dermatologist for a better check up. And good that she agreed. 

Watery Wednesday

At 6:00AM.. 
At 8:00A.M. 
At 9:00A.M. 

Here's my entry for this week. Enjoy the rest of your week, friends! :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Roman Blinds

   I mentioned in my posts, if I'm not mistaken, about 3 months ago that my mom has renovated her room. It was so timely then that it was the month of her birthday. So my sister and I gave her an air conditioner as our present. But since the paint, lightings, drawers and other stuff are new, so the curtains and beddings should match the paint color. Since we've been using curtains for a long time already, my mom thought of using roman blinds, instead because we can choose it's own unique, elegant or chic designs and colors that would match the paint in her room. And they also said that blinds are recommended for air conditioned rooms. When I saw this blinds online, got interested  about it, so I immediately told my mom to order them. I hope it will look perfect in the room . :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cash or Check?

   A week ago, I ran an errand for my mom. A list was errands, if I may say. But since I love my mom and she has no one else to do it for her but me, so I said yes. So I started by the paying bills like electric, water, phone, cable and internet bills. I also bought groceries. Then the last place I went to was at K-Link Inc..Mama is distributor of the said company's products. Since my mom's products are almost sold out, she let me order two boxes of mixed products. As I was about to pay, the secretary asked me, "Cash or check?" So I was caught unaware. But gladly I came back to my senses very quickly. I gladly said, "Cash, Ms." That was the time that I noticed that all over her table are different company checks being used by other distributors to pay for their orders. Oh, well. I wasn't really amazed of what I saw because my mom has also been using a bank check ever since. So it was just normal. But what's fulfilling was the effort that I was able to finish all the errands my mom requested. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Date With the Family

Here's my entry for the Shoot Me! meme. :) A date with the family last Sunday. :) 

Forever In Blue Jeans

Valentine's Day

      Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. So flowers and chocolates would be everywhere because these are usually the things women receive on this day.
      Since this is the first Valentine’s Day for me and my boyfriend, we would make it a memorable and unforgettable one. Few days back, my boyfriend asked his friend this question: “Hey, dude!  Can you give me suggestions on how to make my girl feel more special on Valentine’s Day?” His friend replied, “You take her on a date. Give her flowers and chocolates. And you can also search for a creative gift for her at You can choose various and awesome gifts to give for your girl.”
      Oh well, it doesn’t really matter to me if I don’t receive flowers and chocolates (though I still wish I can receive flowers, too especially the pink ones) LOL. What will matter is that my boyfriend and I would be together in celebrating our first on that so called “Heart’s Day.” Let’s all keep the love alive. 

Seamen and Maritime Lawyers

     I have several friends and even fathers of my friends who decided to leave their families just to work as seamen. Some work in oil tankers, some in luxury ship liners, and some in cargo ships. But aside from their main concerns like their families and the good compensation, they also have to be concerned of their safety. Before they go offshore, they have to make sure that they are provided with great benefits which include health protection.
     When a seaman is injured while at work, under the maritime law, he is entitled to money for medical bills, lost wages, and other things covered. A seaman can also call a Maritime Lawyer for help.
     It is indeed a big sacrifice to people who work away from their homes and families especially those who work abroad. But a greener pasture is what they are after so there’s nothing we could do but to give the full support that they need.   

Corolla, North Carolina

     Finding a home? Why not try in Corolla, North Carolina? It is a small town with luxurious accommodations. It is called the vacationland. It is also known with its fine sand beaches. You can choose a lot of fabulous beach houses with the list of prices: From the Corolla oceanfront, Corolla Soundfront, Corolla Foreclosure, and Corolla short sales. So what are you waiting for? Grab your chance to own a luxurious house in Corolla.

About A Friend in Florida

A very close friend of mine has been married for two years to her husband who is based in Florida. They got married here in the Philippines. But not very long, she then followed her hubby to Florida. She told me it wasn’t really easy for her especially that she’s far away from her family and friends. My friend has been so homesick in her first few months there. However, she didn’t dwell on that feeling for a long time. So one day, she decided to look for local jobs in the newspaper. And with prayers, she was able to get a job. Now she’s happy taking care of her husband while working, as well. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wii or PS3? How About Both?

         A few years ago, playing Play station 2 was a sort of bonding for the family. We had late nights just to finish the games. Or we will never stop until each team gets a score. It was really fun. Two of our favourite games were Tennis and NBA2009. We seldom play it because of our busy schedules. But my sporty mama has been planning to buy a Wii or a PS3 again. She said it’s time to upgrade. Oh well, I will not show my mom how excited I am but I’ll be praying that she’s gonna buy it soon. Woohoo! 

First Birthday Party

         This February will be the 1st birthday of one of my godchildren. So her parents are really busy nowadays preparing for her party.--from the 1st birthday cake, to the venue, the loot bags, then down to the 1st birthday invitations.  I may not have experienced of having my own baby yet, but I know the excitement they feel in preparing for the party. I had once experienced that a couple of years ago with my niece’s 1st birthday. I helped my sister organize and we decided to have a Disney character theme party. So we contacted a party organizer to make the work easier. Thankfully it went well. The party was a blast. So I guess, that’s how my friends feel nowadays for their daughter’s birthday. I hope everything will also be great. And I am also thinking of a best gift for our little angel. :) 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

BlackBerry Torch or an iPad?

My family and I went to a store which sells cellphones, cameras, and other latest gadgets in the market today. The day my netbook was bought, my mom also bought an iPod touch 4th gen for herself. Upon seeing that my sister wants to sell her iPod touch 2nd generation and upgrade it to the latest 4th gen. But my sister is still choosing among the 3---iPod touch 4th gen, iPad, or the blackberry torch or the blackberry storm. She almost bought her own iPad last Christmas when she saw it in the store but but when she thought of the blackberry that she’s been dreaming of a few months back, she decided to give herself a week to think about what she’s really going to buy. So for us, we’ll just wait and see. :) I'm just hoping she gets to buy what she really wants.