Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pink Fridays: Pink Sailboat

Sorry for the late post. But as we say, better late than never. :) This was taken during our Dapitan City trip at Dakak Beach Resort. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Designer Handbag

        I am fashionable in my own way. I don't get left behind with what's in and what's out in the fashion world and you can actually see that in my closet. Signature clothing lines or not, as long as it fits me, I'm already good with that. Designer stuffs are really not my thing not because I don't like them but I just don't have the luxury to buy them. However, it has always been a DREAM OF MINE to own some designer clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses and other stuff just like celebrities have. I can even recall myself jumping up and down upon receiving a hand me down LV bag from my cousin. And even used designer bags and clothes in the night markets are being swarmed over by lots of people. 

        I was browsing the net the other day to buy a maroon dress online for a friend's wedding tomorrow when I happened to stumble in this site which sells designer clothes and shoes, handbags, sunglasses and other clothing lines. Gosh! I was really in awe on how fabulous the clothes, shoes and bags are. It seemed like I was really drooling for a few minutes while browsing the stuff they're selling. I first saw Marc Jacob's spring of 2011 clothing line 'marc by marc jacobs' which were really stunning because of its chic and playful designs, distinctive bright colors and sophisticated look. Marc Jacobs has never failed to capture the hearts of the people from all ages. Included in my list of favorites, too, are the marc jacobs handbags which are really faddy, fashionable, trendy, elegant, and natty. You can match it up with your daily wardrobe. Whoa. These things are really worth having. I would never stop dreaming of having my own signature clothes and bags until I can have a Marc Jacobs handbag to call my own.
          How about you? Do you also dream to have an LV handbag, or a Marc Jacob jacket? 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday:

It's Monday again! :) It's time to post your yellowy pictures! :) Here's mine for this week. Yellow tablecloths in one of the restaurants at Dakak Beach Resort. So what are you guys waiting for? Link your yellows now! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Camera Critters and Blue Monday

Camera Critters
Smiling Sally
Here's my entry for the Camera Critters and Blue Monday memes. :) I really miss posting with these memes. I  just got so preoccupied for the past weeks. Anyway, I'm back on track, guys. Happy Easter! :)

Shadow Shot Sunday:

My funny shadow while I was on my way to our villa. :) Happy Easter, everyone! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

RT: With the Fantasyland Warriors

I was supposed to borrow one of their swords but I had no time so I immediately posed with them.
Happy Tuesday, friends!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dreaming To Be a Franchisee

            Most of the people, nowadays, are striving hard to get hired in a decent and well-paying job. They are doing this to meet the basic needs of each family they represent of. Unfortunately, as a lot of individuals had landed in a job, there are a lot of people who are jobless, as well, because there are no vacancies. 
            My mom has been an entrepreneur since she was young. So aside from her day job, she manages a lending business. I don't know if I got a her genes of being an entrepreneur. I just hope so. Mom has been encouraging us to engage in a business venture. I was hesitant before but as I see the progress and the need to have a business, so now I am open about having my own. But how? 
           There are many franchise opportunities in the country today. I know I just have to choose the best. I've done some research about the top Philippine Franchises and among the top five are bars and cafes, water refilling station, salon and spa, food chains, and food carts. Well, this sounds serious, huh? 
           What can you suggest? I am open for the food cart franchise business because it's easy and the return of investment is very fast, and not to mention that it will be a hit for Filipinos love to eat a lot. Would this be a great idea?

Boots With No Fur

           It's summer season in the Philippines right now. Most children have no classes in the months of April and May. So this is their time to play as long as they want to. This is also the time of the year that people are getting ready for the beach escapades. Beach resorts are always jampacked during this season. 
         Unfortunately, it is still raining from time to time these days. The forecast says that there would be scattered thunderstorms. Probably it's because of the climate change. So instead of going to the malls and proceed to the swimsuit section, most people are heading to the women's rain boots and kid's rain boots sections.
         Though it's kinda weird why we'll buy rain boots this summer. But we just got to be prepared. Anyway, we can use those pair of boots anytime of the year. Grab one now, especially for Springtime. :)

Pink Fridays: The Geek

This is how I look with this huge glasses on. Just for fun, though. :) 
What's your featured pink photo for the week? 


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Customized Laptop

What do we mean by custom laptops? It is about customizing or personalizing your laptop that suits your individual style. It allows you to create or build your own personal laptop by choosing the technical specification like RAM, CPU, Memory Card, and etc. You can also select aesthetic features like skin color, monitor size, and style which complement individual personality, whether you use it for gaming, home, offices, business, and others

Teaching English To Koreans

             Maybe I wasn't able to mention this much, but I have been teaching English to Koreans for about 3 years already. I have taught some of them face to face, that means the kids came to the Philippines just to study English for about a month up to a year. Then after their contract, they go back to Korea continue their life there. And now, I am currently teaching English online via Skype in the comfort of my home. It's not really difficult because I can still see them though the web cam. So I can still see how they behave during our classes. It's really fun and challenging at the same time. Then probably ou might ask, "How do you get paid?" Well, I am paid through BDO bank. They send our salary every week. How nice is that? 
            The Korean owner is in Korea, while the manager and the teachers are living all over the Philippines. So if the boss wants to schedule a meeting, he just simply informs our manager that we will have a conference call with him. Then everything will just be set accordingly.

               It's really amazing how technology works, right? Through conference calling, several individuals who are miles away from each other can simply talk with each other at the same time, as if they are on the same vicinity and without the hassle of going to telephone booths or paying a big amount for the particular call. All you need is an internet connection and a headset. Amazing! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

From Paris With Love

               When I'm asked to name the top 5 places that I dream to visit, I would never fail to mention Paris, France because it's number one on my list.   
                 Paris is considered the most visited tourist destination in the world. Millions of tourists visit every year. They say that it's one of the most romantic places you would never fail to visit. I don't exactly know why but, as seen on TVs, heard on radios and news, or even testimonials from friends who were able to travel there, we always get really positive and awesome responses. 
                 We wouldn't just be seeing beautiful faces here and there, but we'll be seeing famous ancient structures, monuments and parks, beautiful gardens, the finest French cuisines, theaters for entertainment and performing arts, etc. Paris is also the fashion capital of the world so we expect to see such brilliant designs of the world's famous designers, visit boutiques shops all over the place. One of the main tourist attractions Paris is always proud of is the ever famous Eiffel Tower. It is made of steel and it's listed in the top most famous metal buildings in the world. 
                How wonderful and unforgettable moment it would be if we get to see these very amazing places and structures in Paris, right? I will surely take thousands of pictures for souvenirs. It's an IMPOSSIBLE DREAM, I know. But as we say, dreaming is FREE, so I'd choose to DREAM BIG and to dream the impossible. 
               How about you? Is Paris a place you dream to visit, too? 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Godmother's Gift

                  The last time I checked, the day of my best friend's daughter's Christening is not set yet. Since I am a  godmother of my best friend's first baby, I would be generous enough to give hers gifts in various occasions. Peatchy said that it is going to be this month but they are still choosing the best day considering their family and friends availability. Well, I thought that I got to be ready for it. So  I tried surfing the net for a unique gift to give her. I was able to get a lot of ideas but there's one thing that I so love and would probably choose to buy it. That is the ergo baby carrier. It's so comfortable to use. It's lightweight, machine washable, and it has a generous amount of padding on the shoulders and waist. Wow!  I, am excited to buy and give it. :) It's really great to give. :)

Weekend Getaway

          Last Friday, my mom asked me and my boyfriend if we are interested to join her and her friends for a weekend getaway on a famous resort next Saturday. My family really enjoy traveling. Good thing my boyfriend loves to travel, too. So when my mom asked about it, we were excited to say "Yes!" But after a while, we realized we don't have extra funds to spend for an unplanned travel. So we told our mom that we are still undecided yet for we still have to secure some amount of money just for that. Mom suggested that we may apply for personal loans because it's quick and easy. I don't know yet but probably we will take my mom's advice since we really are excited for that weekend getaway.