Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pregnancy and Birth in America

    A baby is born in the U.S. in every 7.4 seconds! Whoa! Seriously? How's that? I stumbled upon another infographic which I considered so informative and detailed. I am definite that you will  learn a lot of things from this, too. So I encourage you to take a little of your time to read the infographic below. 

Fraternities in the US

21 Amazing Facts About the Human Body

   I was simply amazed when I saw this infographic about our human body. The chart is simple yet so precised with its explanation. Upon reading this chart below, I have learned a lot especially the facts about our body that we "think" we already know but the truth is we actually don't. 

Click the "larger view" and learn about your own body as well.  

So, how was it? Did you enjoy exploring the 21 amazing facts about the human body? I did and I hope you did, too! :)

Remember, Monday is the day of the week when the risk of heart attack is greatest, okay? And it is impossible to tickle yourself! ;) How about you try tickling yourself now and see if it's true! :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ashton Cigars

       Men who love cigars prefer those with a distinctive tang and savor. They fancy those that offer a taste that lingers and those that are of premium quality like ashton cigars. Made from distinct blends of cigar leaves and aging, Ashton cigars are one of the world’s most sought after and well-respected premium brands. 

        These cigars pass through strict quality control unequaled by other cigar manufacturers. The draw from Ashton cigars from beginning to end is never disappointing and it never lets the smoker down. Men all over the world prefer Ashton cigars and they have a variety to choose from, with different sizes too to suit their needs.

Trading the Simple Life

           Sometimes we all wish we can live the lives of the rich and famous, even for just a day. We sometimes daydream of living in humongous mansions and cribs, dip in Olympic-size pools, being whisked away in fancy cars and billeted in plush hotels with the best hot tubs awaiting our tired and weary bodies. Sometimes we all wish we can experience that, living the fancy life. But have it ever crossed your mind that the rich and famous people too may also want to live our simple lives? 

          Take for example the hotel heiress Paris Hilton. I remember her TV series Simple Life, where she and her best friend Nicole Richie took of their “millionaire’s hats” and traded for the simple life. They went from one town to another and just plainly living what the ordinary people are doing. I may not know what their ulterior motives are, but seeing them set an example that those on high pedestals can sometimes go down and experience what it is to be on the ground makes me think that life is really beautiful, whether you are rich, famous or not.

Of Automobiles and Cars

            There is a cutthroat competition going on between automobile makers around the world. Every company is trying to outwit other companies in terms of design and production. Since an automobile has become a necessity nowadays, there has been a great rise in the demand for the sales of cars around the world. This has become the reason why automotive design jobs are in demand by the different manufacturers. 

             It is through their ability to create designs that fits the consumer’s needs that has become the basis of its mass production. This maybe in terms of size, shape, engine capabilities and fuel consumption, passenger comfort and safety, or the latest concept of environmentally-friendly vehicles. The price of automobiles vary depending on their manufacturer, some automobile companies have their cars sold so expensively that only those who can afford it can have it but with the assurance that these vehicles are the top of the line and one of a kind. But as long as they serve the purpose why they are built, consumers will still buy it, whether it is expensive or not.

Traveling with Security

         Traveling from one state to another has never been comfortable with the use of a recreational vehicle compared to an ordinary car. RVs enable you or your family to rest, relax and sleep properly while on the road. It is comparable to a home where you can stay in your living room, sleep in the bedroom, cook in the kitchen and have a decent shower, the only difference is that you are traveling in different places. 

         But somehow, while traveling, unexpected circumstances may happen. There may be a major or a minor accident or breakdown and might cause a considerable damage to the RV. Having an rv insurance is a big help during these times. It assures that there is nothing to worry if something as the insurance will shoulder the costs for the repairs and damages sustained. All you have to do is enjoy the scenery along the way from your travelling home

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Effective Marketing Strategy

        Advertising and marketing and promotions come in different forms. Companies can place ads on television, radio, magazines, newspapers and books and other printed materials. One of these popular marketing strategies is giving or handing out leaflets brochures and flyers. Most small and medium business enterprise practice this traditional and simple way of disseminating information about their company, products and services. This may be uncomplicated but it is an effective way of marketing and promoting awareness among customers and potential clients. Companies can just hire people to distribute leaflets, brochures and other printed promotional materials and strategically place them in locations where there is human traffic such as streets, sidewalks, parks, plazas, or outside the malls or office buildings, or even in public transportation.

      This kind of simple advertising makes printing companies thrive and survive. Companies needing printing services only need to call them and submit their details or graphics and in just a few days, promotional materials are ready to be circulated and spread to the public. This type of marketing strategy is also affordable and cost effective, since printing is cheaper than paying for rent of air time in television and radio networks. Leaflets, flyers and brochures can also be printed in small sizes, thus giving way for bulk printing. As a result, circulation is widespread and target clientele is directly reached.

Monday, September 19, 2011

TT: My "WET September" Entry

Wooot! Wooot! I guess this is my second  time to join TT. I wasn't able to join last month, I believe. So when I saw the theme this month, I immediately look for a "wet" picture of me. Lol. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have and it's not even a solo one. But I like it better. This was at Emars Wave Pool in Davao City. 
In the first photo, I was with my sister. It wasn't that deep, FYI. Lol. But there were so many extra life jackets surrounding us, so I immediately grabbed 4 because I just felt like I love wearing them and get the feel of it, like floating all day. :) And on the second photo, that's me with my family (including my L.O.V.E.). Traveling is just what we love. :) 
How about you, friends? Post your WET and WILD photos now! :) Just click the badge below. 


Thursday, September 15, 2011


          An insurance agent representing only one company could be selling you a product you don’t actually need or is not best suited for your need. We could not deny the fact that an insurance agent is obliged to sell his company and promote only its own product. But what if you had more choices? What if you will compare rates, pros and cons yourself? Why not? With Wholesale Insurance, this could be very possible. 

           Some people are wondering about the cost, since you would be paying for wholesale insurance agents plus the agents in each company. The truth is, wholesale insurance is not really different from your usual insurance, price-wise. 
So you get the best policy that is suited for you, at a price that is fair. Isn’t it good news?

The Best-Loved Season

         Christmas is definitely the most awaited season of the year. Who would not be looking forward to hearing those heavenly Christmas carols sung by children outside your door? Those Christmas cookies baked in kitchens—the smell of them is just delightful. Christmas trees are always a pleasant sight. Of course those gifts under them are simply the kids’ favourites. 

         There is something about Christmas that want you to make it last longer. But alas, the season is often too short lived. We have to remove those beautiful decors and lights in no time, and face another year of challenges. 
But mind you, time really flies fast. It’s Christmas again before you would even know it!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

MYM: Go, Go, Power Rangers!


This was taken last July just right after we enjoyed our exhilarating rides at Enchanted Kingdom. While we were doing this for picture purposes, we also felt like we were about the say, "Go, go, Power Rangers! Might Morphin Power Rangers!"  Lol.

Happy Monday! :)

Helping Beau Get Rid of Razor Burns

       Men have one accessory that is common among them, the razor. It is one important skin care gadget or tool to keep their facial hair growing too long and preventing those becoming beards. The invention of the razor is a clever one, had it not been developed, men would be using knives or any other sharp objects just to be able to shave their facial hair or mustache. Good thing this handy accessory has revolutionized the way men shave and clean their face.

       I often see my beau use a razor to shave some of his mustache and sometimes, he gets razor burns, especially at the curve lines in the face like the jaw and in the neck. This happens when he shaves not in the direction of the hair growth. These razor burns are very noticeable as they turn red with blood. So I told my beau to use shaving creams for smoother shaving. How to get rid of razor burn, that is what I asked Google so that I can give information to my father on how to shave properly without getting hurt. Thankfully, Google redirected to so many sites offering products that will help and allow ingrown hairs to break freely and with razor burns. I am quite sure that with the new learned knowledge, my boyfriend will look forward to his every shaving session with ease and free from pains and cuts.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

Migrating to Canada

     A family friend of ours is currently applying for permanent residency in Canada. They are only a few steps away from the approval of the Canadian immigration consultants. They have decided to migrate in Canada because they know their family and their children will have a brighter future in that country. The principal applicant, which is the father, chose to apply and live in Calgary since he has a relative that lives there too. He finds the best option available should they get approve and start living there. But of course, they would have to find for their own place in Calgary. 

     Lately, the family has been searching for Rentals in Calgary, been up and about in looking for a nice and yet affordable abode in the area. Good thing the father’s relative has been helping them look for one. Just one of the many advantages they have when they get there, they have somebody to turn and run to should they need help as new migrants.

    I am pretty sure that it is going to be one tough journey, tagging their kids along, settling in, finding a new house and finding a job, but I know too that they will get over those, they’re also one tough family. I just hope that their dream of migrating will soon be realized. In due time, they will see a brighter future. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Her School Shoes for Pink Fridays

It's been awhile since the last time I joined Pink Fridays. I was out of pink photos actually. Haha.. My reason is so shallow, I know. But today, I am going to join and I am featuring my shoes, ooopps, just kidding. It's my niece's school shoes. When she arrived from school one afternoon, I saw her removed her shoes and changed her clothes. There was something that caught my eyes...her pair of shoes. I immediately grabbed my camera and took a picture of it. Just perfect for my PF entry, I thought. :) 

So what's your pink today? Link it up to Pink Thoughts. :)  

Friday, September 2, 2011


           It would not be hard to think about something to give a woman on her special day. A bouquet of flowers would say a lot of things, and would surely mean a lot to the receiver. But when it comes to looking for something special to give a man, we actually don’t have one particular thing in mind! 

            It would be difficult especially when you are invited to a party with a short notice. What do you give a male host? Or a male friend celebrating his birthday? A man gift baskets is the perfect solution to this. A basketful of things a man would surely appreciate and need would make his special day even more special.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Need Two New Pairs of Shoes

           Since I am up to traveling a lot, either with my family or with my friends, aside from clothes and other necessary things to bring, one important thing I need to consider is to bring a very comfortable sandals or shoes. I must say not just one pair but at least, too.

            Just recently, my family were able to book our tickets to Singapore. Oh well, this is one big out of the country trip I need to prepare to. I am pretty sure there's going to be a lot of walking with it so I need at least two pairs of sandals. However, I have a problem in choosing shoes or sandals. I see to it that it's durable, comfortable to wear, and fashionable at the same time just like the easy spirit sandals which I found in the net. I know I still have time to save for it and get it shipped.

          How about you? How many pairs of shoes do you need when you travel? Would be glad if you share it with me, too. :)