Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Safety While Driving

Many road accidents involve motorcycles and many have also lost their lives due to these unfortunate incidents. Most deaths from road accidents that I have seen in reports are usually caused by driving while on the influence of alcohol, not wearing helmets or if wearing one, it is not durable, one that can withstand great impacts. 

Since the number of death has dramatically increased, the local government units have implemented strict policies on wearing helmets especially for motorcycle drivers and their passengers. Since then, many helmets like shoei helmets went off the racks so fast. I guess motorists have already learned the lesson that safety should always come first. 

Monday, January 23, 2012


By now I have blogged a lot of times about pursuing my second degree. It’s not that I am not happy with the degree I have finished a few years ago, but I guess there would be more opportunities if I pursued this particular course I am doing right now.
Some people are actually tired of studying, so they can’t see themselves going back to school again after having finished a degree. Sure, I feel tired too, but I think long term so that keeps me going.

No, I am not pursuing an engineering degree as of the moment. I am not that techie so I can’t imagine myself having to work with machines, equipment and hydraulic cartridge! But I do admire engineers and their skills in those things. I just wish I am like them!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The advent of credit cards has helped the business world in so many ways. If you have a website, getting costumers from across the globe would not be a problem at all. Shopping has never been this easy, quick and convenient! But of course, things could be complicated if you don’t have a billing recurring software. This software does wonders. Imagine, hundreds, if not thousands buy your products via the internet using their credit cards. Exactly how do you keep track all of these? Will you get paid on time? Things like these could be added stressors—the reason why some businesses end up focusing on the billing rather than taking their businesses to a higher level, which is really the need of the hour.

Along with your growing business is the need to upgrade your billing system. This is actually a priority otherwise, you will find yourself busy with billing management, rather than focusing on other important things that would build your business up.
Of course these are highly technical things, so when you wish to set this software up, experts would come and aid you on how these things work. Experience breakthrough in your business and have a hassle-free management of recurring payments! This software is definitely a must-have for every company that aims to go global.

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