Friday, July 23, 2010


In my previous post, I wrote there that I have thought of having a general cleaning and rearranging of things in my bedroom months ago. But since there were a lot of activities that I needed to attend to, so it was being postponed many times. Thanked God I was able to find time last week. I started from one corner to another. But I couldn’t transfer to the next corner because I wanted to make sure that the first one is thoroughly cleaned. Whoa! I just realized that my bedroom was such a mess. It was like it was being hit by a storm. “What a mess!” I thought. There were a lot of laundries to be washed. It was like a mountain. So washing clothes would be an addition to my piled up list of things to do. There were lots of books not being read for a long time. Boxes, boxes, boxes; Trash, trash, trash everywhere! One of the things that amazed me was the tons of clothes that I have in my room. Clothes that was so old and rusty. Clothes that was not being worn for such a very long time; Clothes that are too little because I gained weight already. Clothes that are needed to be passed to another person or put in a box to donate it to the less fortunate. There are a lot of clothes also that I still wear until now. And I have thought, I badly need bedroom dressers now for my clothes to be piled together systematically. Dresser for my casual dresses, dresser for my pants, dresser for my tees, and so on. So I told my mom to accompany me to a furniture shop and help me decide on what to buy as soon as possible.

If you know some furniture shops that sells affordable yet lovely bedroom dressers, please inform me. Thanks! J