Sunday, July 11, 2010

Scenic Sunday: FLYING BY WIRE

Scenic Sunday

WELCOME to Dahilayan Adventure Park where you can experience one of the most amazing experiences in your life! 

Asia's longest dual zipline...that's what it says, right?? :) 
See that small structure on the other end?..Oh well, that's where the 840 meters end.

And you see that little tree house there?..Hmm, that's where we are at that point, getting ready to fly by wire! I'll be posting more amazing, exhilirating, breathtaking pictures of me and my family during this awesome adventure! :) 

For more astounding photos, just visit Scenic Sunday site. And don't forget to visit other bloggers' site, too! :)


Kayce said...

very nice kaayo imong pagkakuha sis! unsa nga cam imong gamit ani?