Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shoot Me #5

Forever In Blue Jeans

Whoa! It's almost been a year since I had this trip to Malaysia. So I guess it's time to post it here. :) Here's a picture of me in front of the ever famous Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I really had a great time during this vacation especially because I spent it with my family. Nothing really beats our own respective families, eh? Oh, well, i'm looking forward on November for our vacation to Manila, and another trip to Hongkong on February next year! Wheeee. Got tickets already!!!  Sooooo excited! I hope and pray that all will be well at that time. 

For more Shoot Me photos, just visit Carin in Forever in Blue Jeans. :) A great Thursday everyone! :)


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

That first shot is awesome!

Kayce said...

wow! very nice kaayo ang imong shots sis! ayahay kaayo ka ba sige lang ka suroy2x... hehehe

Marice said...

WOW! thats amazing! great shots sissy! Im your newest follower :)

u may view mine here

charmie said...

Ilove the first picture.. Amazing:)