Monday, July 19, 2010

Who Do We Go To?

Excited to have your body trimmed using a different method? Thrilled to have your nose done? Have chinky eyes. Or are you scared of these kind of things? 

But seriously, what do you think of when you hear about this plastic surgery thingy? Would you be willing to undergo plastic surgery? Be like the actors and actresses that we see on TV with their face lifted or their bodies getting slimmer because they have undergone this process called plastic surgery? And next question we must ask is "Who do we go to?" Of course, to the best plastic surgeons in town. We can visit the ever famous, Dra. V., Dr. C., plastic surgeons dallas, and other certified medical practitioners. 

Let's talk about what it really means. Plastic surgery, as what i have learned, is a special type of surgery because it is concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function. The word "plastic" is derived from the Greek work "Plastikos" which means to mould or to shape. Plastic surgery also has many types: reconstructive surgery, which corrects defects of the face or of the body. These procedure include physical birth defects like cleft palates or other deformities. Other procedures are hand surgery, microsurgery, and the treatment for burns. 

Nowadays, a lot of people want to go through these procedures.  From teenagers, to people my age, and even to the not so young ones. As long as they've got the money to pay the surgeons then that would be no problem at all. Some people view it as their way to fit in and may look acceptable to their friends. Some want to undergo with these procedures to stand out from the crowd.  The most common plastic surgery procedures are breast reduction, nose reshaping, acne and acne scar treatment, and ear surgery.

For successful plastic surgeries,  we need the best plastic surgeons, too. We have lots of them all over the country. If you want, you can visit the famous plastic surgeons who have been doing the country's famous actors and actresses. So what are you waiting for, visit your nearest medical clinics now.