Thursday, August 5, 2010

Laptop or a Netbook?

     Laptops, netbook, iPhones, iPod touch, cellular phones with qwerty keypads, personal digital assistants or the so called PDA’s, and other updated stuff – these are just some of the gadgets that most people include in their wish lists. I, for one, would want to own these things in due time. Who wouldn’t one to have one? We all do, I guess.

     My birthday is approaching, so I have really thought of buying myself a gift. I have been praying and have always wanted to own a laptop or a netbook. I’ve been browsing for Mac computers and some other brands and comparing which has the best quality performance. Since I’m back working online, a netbook or laptop is indeed my need now. It would be easier for me to work anywhere I want to and do some blogging stuff at the same time.  But will you help me, guys? Which one should I buy for myself, laptop or a netbook?

    My mom just bought her new laptop. My sister owns one, and an iPod touch, too. Now, how about me? Poor me. LOL. It’s not that I envy them, maybe just a little, I must admit. Haha… But I love them both, so I have thought of buying them stuff, too. I’ll buy an Anti-Glare LCD screen guard for my sister’s iPod Touch and I’ll buy my mom a stylus touch pen for her iPhone. Wheee! I guess I need to double or even triple my time working and saving so I can buy these stuff for my family as soon as possible. J


jackie said...

apili ko ha.. :)