Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halloween Madness

           Every year, when September 1st comes, most people have this common thinking that Christmas is already near. Christmas songs are played in radios and even Christmas trees are displayed in shopping malls, and this also means the holidays! Awesome! 
           But there’s one occasion most Caucasians celebrate before Christmas, the Halloween. It is an annual holiday spent every October 31st. This has become a popular tradition where adults and children have to dress up Simple HalloweenCostumes, or even the scariest ones. They portray or imitate scary or supernatural beings.  
           Traditionally, adults and kids wear costumes such as Dracula, vampires, ghosts, devils, and witches. In modern days, people sometimes order customized Halloween costumes. They wear customized designs such as modern superheroes, aliens, and science-fiction costumes. But aside from such activity, there are other common traditions they tend to adopt---like going to the cemetery to visit their loved ones who passed away, kids going house to house for trick or treats, ghost tours or visiting horror or haunted houses, and the ever famous carving of jack-O-lanterns. Activities vary from each country but no matter how each country celebrates it, I believe there is only one thing that is common about them, they simply want to have fun.