Monday, September 6, 2010

MYM, Blue Monday, and RT: Circle Of FRIENDS

Here's a picture of my circle of friends. Originally, we're five. :) Christian, who owns the Christian's Music blog, Francis the banker, me, Rio the teacher but is assigned in another place, and Peachy also the teacher who works in the same school with Rio. Francis and Peachy got married with each other last year. So that would simply mean, at that time, Christian, Rio and I were loveless. LOL. 

Now here's a picture of us again with our partners. :) This was during our church 24th Thanksgiving celebration last Sunday. Though we were not complete here because Rio wasn't able to book a flight for this event but we intentionally took a picture of us for this was our first picture together with our partners. 
Now i'm glad to say: A picture of me and Mark, my boyfriend, Christian and Karren, his girlfriend, and Peachy and Francis. We are praying and hoping that the next picture together would be complete--with Rio and her boyfriend. :) 


reg said...

wonderful family shot, every one looks so happy

Marites said...

it's really nice to have friends for life. It makes life easier and cheerier. happy RT!

Life Moto said...

nice bonding joah.