Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Here's my entry for the Shoot Me meme. :) I am so happy to have finally met my co-blogger friend Kayce of My Daily Notes  in person last Sunday. She's the one in violet. :) We've known each other for a couple of months already through blogging and have been in constant communication since then. And the chance had finally arrived for us to meet in person and this was during our church 24th Thanksgiving celebration. She was invited by Ate Grace of  Gracia Fashionista, who is a dear Ate of mine and who happens to be my churchmate, too. Though we didn't have much time to chitchat because everyone got so busy, but we assured each other to set another time to bond with each other. :) And we didn't let the night pass without taking pictures together. 
The one above is a picture of me, Kayce, Christian of Christian's Music, and Ate Grace. 
                                                                Bloggers united, eh?


Kayce said...

Haguy klaro man kaayo akong katambok diri sis! hihihih... thanks for posting this one sis ha! love this photo too. and yes well see each other next time napud para taas2x pa atong chika2x together.. hehehe! God bless you sis!

Christian Magoncia said...

I love this shot!!!!