Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Deep Impact is a 1998 science-fiction disaster-drama film, directed by Mimi Leder and stars Elijah WoodTéa LeoniMorgan Freeman and Robert Duvall. This was released by Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks in the United States on May 8, 1998. The plot describes the attempts to prepare for and destroy a 7-mile wide comet, which is expected to collide with the Earth and cause a mass extinction.


AnLiz said...

I have seen this movie, pero di ko ma recall na nanduon si Morgan Freeman, siguro kasi naka focus ako ke Elijah Wood.


Rossel said...

parehong tayong lumang film ang entry sis. i've seen this one too pero di ko masyadong marecall ang story.siguro dapat ko ulit panoorin.

my entry is Seven, sis.

verabear said...

If i recall correctly, parang it was Deep Impact that started the trend with doomsday-plot movies. Tapos lumabas yung kay bruce willis and ben affleck (forgot the title), or was it the other way around? :)

simply kim said...

wow! you know what? i was about to post this one but I changed my mind. a really great film! nice post!

Apostolic Lighthouse said...

This movie was great and sometimes I get scared when I watch movies like this, it's like, you don't really know what lies ahead when it comes to natural calamity

*comment by Liz in behalf of apostolic Church..