Wednesday, October 27, 2010


             Early this year, my sister, her hubby, and I went jogging everyday at around 5A.M. We were consistent with our schedule and were very determined to really lose weight. But when I started working, I had to quit jogging because my work schedule will conflict with it. So I tried weight loss tablets instead. However, I am still longing to get back jogging and brisk walking because it’s feels different when I sweat.

             So last Monday afternoon, my boyfriend and I went brisk walking. We walked for about 6 kilometers. It wasn’t just a walk on a flat surface, we went up on a hill, then on a rocky surface, and went up on a hill again. Whew. It was pretty tiresome but worth it. Now my boyfriend and I decided to do it regularly and with full determination that I will lose weight. Wanna go with us, friends? 


winter gurl said...

wow good activities u have spent with ur bf . Good luck .hope u will lose some weight.