Monday, October 11, 2010

MYM: Pineapple Juice

         A half full of pineapple juice in a jar is my Yellowy entry for this week. :) This shot was taken by my lil niece. We are amazed because her new hobby is to take pictures like anything under the sun. :) And mind you, she's not just taking pictures just for the sake of taking a picture, but she's got artistic feel of it. :) A proud aunt right here! LOL.


imriz said...

a budding photographer in the clan is at work:)))

Kayce said...

wow kalami ba ana sis! labi na ug bugnaw kaayo... hehehe!

cHe said...

your niece will soon to be a professional photgrapher someday igsoon..hehe..nice shoot:)

Life Moto said...

pineapple juice is really helpful specially when we felt high in our blood :)
Lifemoto MYM