Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shoot Me: HIDING?!?

I guess you guys are wondering why I'm covering my face with that green jacket. And oh yeah, that's me, if you don't mind me clarifying it. LOL. 
There's a clearer view of my face. Haha!.. Well, I was having a phone conversation with a dear friend at that time. The reason why I was hiding behind that jacket was that I didn't like the feeling of being watched. I mean, that happens all the time. I might enjoy the conversation too much and wouldn't notice that my voice is too loud already or wouldn't even notice how my face looks when I laugh or smile.
..My brother-in-law's sister took this picture actually. We had lunch in the mall. But my sister and BIL went to the department store to grab some stuff, so we stayed in the restaurant. So there, while waiting  for them, I was having a phone call and my BIL's sister had a chat with her boyfriend, too. ;) 
Forever In Blue Jeans