Thursday, October 14, 2010


         It's Thursday again. It's time to post our thanksgiving and share it to the world. ;) This Thursday, I won't be posting about my life but I'll be posting about the Chilean miners who were rescued yesterday instead. 
         It's actually a part of life, too, because I have taken a couple of pauses in my life to whisper short prayers for these people and for their families as well. 
          Well, thank you, Father, for sustaining and saving the miners that were trapped for 69 days under the ground. Thank you for hearing our prayers! ;)


Denise said...

Yes, praise God.

Joan Davis said...

I am so thankful for their rescue, too! I've been following the story and watched several of the miners "live" as they were pulled up from the depths of the earth. Each was moving...but one of the rescues I saw really touched me. The first thing the man did when he stepped out of the capsule that brought him up was to fall to his knees, put his hands together and thank God through prayer. Then, he lifted his arms toward the heavens. What a blessing that these men were saved with all the world watching so glory and praise could be given to God!

Thanks for sharing!

Living for Him, Joan

Rita T. said...

God is good.