Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Handy Barcode Scanner

     On a Sunday night, mom and I had our bonding moment. We watched movie in her room while eating dinner. Anyway, the movie that we watched was My Fake Fiancé. It was a pretty nice movie. There was one gadget used by the actress which made my mom got amazed. It’s this Symbol LS2208 bar scanner. She went shopping in a furniture store and she was given by the sales agent a compact gun style barcode scanner to make her shopping easier. It looked so handy. I felt like she’s just playing Wii because it’s like a joystick. She just clicked and clicked on the items that she wanted to buy and then gave it to the cashier for printing. It was fun and easy. I wish we also have it here in our place. Wouldn’t it be amazing?


ALBERT said...

Amazing indeed that is the benefit of modern age
And I think that is cool and handy

Godbless Friend