Friday, November 26, 2010

Manila Trip No More

          I blogged about this months ago that the whole family was able to book tickets for a trip to Manila in time for my mom's birthday on November 29th. But just last week, mama decided that she won't join the trip for some reasons. We got a bit disappointed because it was supposed to be a family trip. So days after, I decided to stay here with mama, too. Though, yeah, the tickets will be put to waste but I would rather stay with my mom here than trying to have fun in another place while my mom here is alone.Anyway, there will always be next time, as we say. :) Our next scheduled trip will be on February 2011, in Hongkong. So might as well look forward to that but it's still in accordance to God's plans. :)


ALBERT said...

Hope you spent quality time with your mother.

Godbless you and your family
Stay safe always

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