Sunday, November 21, 2010

MYM, Blue Monday, RT: Girlfriends

Oh how I miss these days. :( This was during our church family camp in 2009. It was the last night of the camp so while other campers were still in the camp hall, my roommates/girlfriends decided to stay in the room to have an exclusive girl bonding moments while eating midnight snacks. :) These times are just one of those moments where we can spend quality time with friends. 
How about you? Do you have moments like this with your friends? Share it with us! ;) 

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Smiling Sally for Blue Monday
Work of the Poet for Ruby Tuesday


SmilingSally said...

I never had a night like this, but it sure looks like fun.

Happy Blue Monday, Joahna.

kat said...

ang ganda tingnan, masasaya ang mga looks...pahingi naman ng chitchiria nyo hehehe

Happy Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday.

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MYM - nasa Mom's Wish Lists

Auntie E said...

It great to have photos to remind us of past joys. happy Blue Monday.
Getting ready for the Holidays

Kim, USA said...

Bonding with friends is fun. Love those smiles!

LV said...

This is a wonderful way to spend time with your friends. It also provides you with some great memories.

Mel Cole said...

Ang bibo naman nang room nyo sis. Everyone is at ease and having a good time.

My Blue Monday post

momgen said...

Looks cutie...Happy MYM!

mine is here

Ralph said...

It is not to have a lot of friends - but really good friends. You and your real friends are so happy to be together, the smiles and laughter so real!

Marites said...

this is just so much fun times! I haven't had that time for ages! My MYM is here and my RT is here.

ALBERT said...

my accountable friends usually says that we naver really stay outdoor late at night. WE STAY UNTIL MORNING hehehe. But seriously, I'm happy for you to find special persons that will make your time worth while. They will always be there even if you don;t need them and feel assured when they are by your side
Godbless to you and with your Friend
Stay safe always

maria said...

Wonderful photos. Ever one looks happy. :)

Maria @ LSS

Life Moto said...

sarap talaga pag bonding time , lalo na wala pang mga family.