Saturday, December 4, 2010


          Like most girls, I am one of those who love shoes. What? Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Oh! Yeah! They say there are several kinds of shoes a woman must own. Let me check if I have all of them. Ballet, ankle strap and stilettos, wedges, flip flops and sandals, sneakers and slide-on, and gladiators. But I am not a certified shoe addict, I must say! Lol.

        Just recently, I stumbled on this site about mbt shoes. I wondered what it was. So I checked it out. Oh, MBT is actually an acronym of Masai Barefoot Technology. They say these shoes have benefits. It activates and tones our muscles. It’s good for our body and not just for our feet. It also helps us burn more calories whether we are walking or standing. With all those benefits, I now would want to own one. How about an MBT shoes in preparation for our trip to Hongkong. :) I love it!