Friday, December 3, 2010


Just last Sunday, I watched a spelling bee contest held inside SM mall. The school where my boyfriend works was the host of the 4th Inter-school Spelling Bee Contest. My boyfriend was one of the tabulators in the said event, too. That’s why the picture I posted here is his. By the way, I am also a big fan of spelling contests ever since. In my grade school days, I used to join spelling contests. I was always the representative of my class. And as I remember I was given the BEST in SPELLING RIBBONS from 1st grade to 6th grade. But not just that, I received medals and plaques, too. I was too young to really appreciate things then. However, it was indeed a great achievement for me, as I recall. So since then, I have been a spelling geek and have always been a huge fan of spelling contests and other word games. How about you? Are you a spelling geek, too?


Kayce said...

dili kaayo ko sis pero madala dala ra...hahaha! more on essay ko sa una... karun gakapuslan ra tungod sa mga paid posts..makakwarta pako...nyahahah!

juicekodai said...

wow.. yeah, that is really an achievement.. :)

hmm.. i had joined spelling contest in grade school too.. i would win but i dont think im really good at it though.. my mom, taught me more on math.. :)