Thursday, December 2, 2010

SHOOT ME: Without Makeup

My face without makeup on. This is how I look without eye-shadow, eyeliner, blush-on, lipstick, powder, and all those stuff we apply on our faces. But you never see me like this when I go out of the house. Never. :) Lol.
Forever In Blue Jeans

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Jennifer said...

I'm sure your pretty with all your make up on but your pretty with it all off too :)

I dont really wear make up and when I do its very little but as a teenager I NEVER left my house without my hair fix and make up on.

gingerSnaps said...

ang sweet naman:)

Jan n Jer said...

Nice really dont need makeup!

Kayce said...

with or without make up gwapa lang gihapon ka sis bisag unsaun.. hehehe! stay pretty and stay blessed! mwah!