Friday, January 28, 2011

A 45-Day Challenge!

        Jonathan, a church friend of mine, and I agreed to start dieting this week. I will get rid of my bulging stomach and he will bring back his six pack abs again. He misses his six pack abs especially now that he got bigger and bigger. Jojo and I agreed to eat breakfast only and no more other meals. We are so serious to get back in shape. He has been taking mens fat burner now plus exercise plus his diet. So we’ll see who gets to lose weight and who’ll look more fabulous in a matter of 45 days. I will update you soon for the results! 


Sarah - PS Mom Reviews said...

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AngelEden said...


good luck with your weight loss, it will be really interesting to see how you get on.

Thanks for stopping by my blog as well, I'm now following you too :)