Friday, January 28, 2011

Riding a White Horse

            Horseback riding is one of the attractions every time there are festivals in the country. You just pay a few bucks then you can have a ride on the horses available. You can even wear a cowboy hat, too. But to be honest, I am so scared of riding a horse. It gets me the feeling that the horse might not like me and would just gallop all over the place and would result for me to get injured. Lol. How wild my imagination is! And  I just simply admire how an equestrian manage to ride a horse very freely and would even do simple, as well as complicated tricks but is still having fun. I just wish before I reach thirty, I’d be able to ride a horse (a white horse in particular) without the fear of falling.


Lorri Jeanne said...

I've ridden a horse once when I was very young and it was with someone leading it. I was always afraid of them because they were so big.

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