Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's a 1U LCD Monitor?

         Probably, you guys don’t know what a 1U lcd is, right? No worries. I will give you an overview on what I have learned about it, too.
        1U LCD consists of a rack mount LCD monitor merged in 1U rack space. It has a slide out drawer which saves valuable rack space. This is also ready to use. This device involves easy installation procedures so consumers need not worry because it’s very easy to install.
       This unit has a vast of advantages and one of this is its flip us design which allows the unit to remain open even when the rack door is closed. Isn’t it amazing?
        These monitors work well with video connections such as DVI-D, S-Video, HDMI and Touch Screen and many others. There are also various screen sizes such as 17”, 19”, and 20”. So what are you guys waiting for? Visit your nearest appliance store and look for an 1U LCD. 


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