Monday, March 7, 2011

Any Suggestions For a Wedding Gift?

Two couples at my church are getting married on the 15th and 28th of April. And mind you, they are good friends of mine so it's obvious that I am invited. Lol. I even have a role in one of the couples' wedding.So as early as February, I have been thinking of what to wear. Should I be buying two different dresses or should I just rent? Of course, I can never wear the same dress in two different weddings all happening in the same month! Whoa. It gets me stressed. There's also one thing I am also stressed about. The WEDDING GIFTS!!! What should I give them? The most common gifts given to newlyweds are Kitchen Utensils, glassware, dining ware, bed sheets and pillows, iron, oven, and the like. But I want my gift to be unique and not just the thought of merely giving. I want it to be special. 

     Do you have any suggestions, friends? I would truly accept ideas and suggestions. Thanks! :)


Hollie said...

I suggest you buy, a Bed sheet set or Comforter set. They will surely use those. Don't buy kitchen utensil or housewares, a lot of the guests will be bringing those.