Monday, March 7, 2011

My Boyfriend Attended A Prom at Age 25

        Oh, yes! The title I gave this post is definitely true. My boyfriend who's already 25 attended a Junior/Seniors Prom night. Why at 25? Well, don't get confused. He's not in high school anymore. He is actually teaching computer subject at an international school. But unfortunately, there were more girls than boys. So my boyfriend was forced to join the prom and asked an escort of the student. He had no choice but to say yes. So then, he consulted me for help on what to wear. They were told to wear a coat and tie. It then became a dilemma for him because he's not fond of wearing those kind of clothes. What we did was we went to several boutiques to rent a tuxedo. We had a hard time at first because the suits' sizes are all large. But after an hour, we finally saw one tuxedo which (I thought) perfectly fits him. It was kinda pricey but worth it, I guess. However, there was one problem again. We thought which would look good on him better? A regular necktie or a bow tie? I know bow ties are perfect for tuxedos so I kind of persuaded my boyfriend about it but it didn't work. Haha. He chose to wear a regular necktie, instead. He just told me not to get dismayed for he will wear a bow tie on our wedding! Well, well, well. I gotta wait for that time! 
          How about for your husband or boyfriend? Which do you prefer for them to wear? A regular necktie or a bow tie? :)