Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Wedding Ring

                  My wedding ring? Not yet mine. It is just my dream wedding ring. This thought just came to my mind while I was searching for the most unique wedding gifts for my friends who will be getting married next month. Who will be next to them? Will I be next? Hopefully. Of course, I would love to get married. My boyfriend and I are not getting any younger, so we got to like plan or simply just talk about these things. I guess, I have said in one of posts that my ultimate dream wedding is a sunset beach wedding. But it is going to be a big challenge for us if we are going to pursue that kind of wedding.
                Going back to the net surfing, I was also able to stop by this jeweler's site. And I got astonished with the shiny and sparkling rings they sell. Wow. They really look amazing and beautiful especially the tiara-like ring. But though it's kind of expensive, I would still dream to have one. I would love to have a scott kay radiance semi-mount ring one day. It's free to dream so I might as well dream BIG TIME! :)


Laikka said...

oh goodluck girl;) godbless!