Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Naming Your Numberplate

           Nowadays, we can see cars all over the place. I can still remember here in our city there's not much traffic yet. But I guess, in the late 90's up to date, traffic jams always happen because cars' quantity are tripled--from the latest models down to the surplus vehicles; from second hand to brand new vehicles. It doesn't matter. As long as an individual has the money, you can never stop them from buying. In our times now, having your own car became a necessity. 

            There are a lot of perks of having a car you can call your own. And one of these is to customize your number plate. But not all people can afford this for you should pay the price. I guess, I can only count a handful of what they call cherished number plates here in our city. One of them is an owner of a Ferrari sports car. You would know it's his because it's the only Ferrari you can see in town. So I guess, he has the right to customize his plate. Right? 

             But for you, my friends, who can afford to name their numberplate, it costs around Php25,000. So what are you guys waiting for. Have your numberplate personalized. :)