Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Designer Handbag

        I am fashionable in my own way. I don't get left behind with what's in and what's out in the fashion world and you can actually see that in my closet. Signature clothing lines or not, as long as it fits me, I'm already good with that. Designer stuffs are really not my thing not because I don't like them but I just don't have the luxury to buy them. However, it has always been a DREAM OF MINE to own some designer clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses and other stuff just like celebrities have. I can even recall myself jumping up and down upon receiving a hand me down LV bag from my cousin. And even used designer bags and clothes in the night markets are being swarmed over by lots of people. 

        I was browsing the net the other day to buy a maroon dress online for a friend's wedding tomorrow when I happened to stumble in this site which sells designer clothes and shoes, handbags, sunglasses and other clothing lines. Gosh! I was really in awe on how fabulous the clothes, shoes and bags are. It seemed like I was really drooling for a few minutes while browsing the stuff they're selling. I first saw Marc Jacob's spring of 2011 clothing line 'marc by marc jacobs' which were really stunning because of its chic and playful designs, distinctive bright colors and sophisticated look. Marc Jacobs has never failed to capture the hearts of the people from all ages. Included in my list of favorites, too, are the marc jacobs handbags which are really faddy, fashionable, trendy, elegant, and natty. You can match it up with your daily wardrobe. Whoa. These things are really worth having. I would never stop dreaming of having my own signature clothes and bags until I can have a Marc Jacobs handbag to call my own.
          How about you? Do you also dream to have an LV handbag, or a Marc Jacob jacket?