Friday, May 6, 2011

A New Domain Again!

          Last January, I was one of the bloggers who was blessed to receive a domain from Mommyrubz of Pink Thoughts. I really thank God for that blessing because the Unraveling Mysteries blog of mine was born. And just last week, Mommy Nita of Nita's Random Thoughts, decided to get rid of her unused domains, too. So she's practically giving away the domains to her friends. And fortunately, I am one of those bloggers who was blessed with one again. Though the domain is not yet alive because I still don't have moolah to get it hosted, but I am still very grateful for this gift because it is an answered prayer. 
         Thank you so much again, Sis Nita, for the domain you gave me. (Thanks for making me write for you, too.) People like you, mommyrubz, and mommyjanet will always be blessed because you also share what you have to your co-bloggers without really asking something big in return. :) Continue to be a blessing, sis! Again, thanks much! :)