Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wednesday Whites: Toilet Seat Cleaner

         It's Thursday but I'm posting my Wednesday Whites. :) Lol. I don't care. Better late than never (my usual excuse). My featured photo for this week is a toilet seat cleaner which I saw at Hong Kong International Airport toilet. Hmmm. I intentionally took a picture of it because I know I won't see something like this in the Philippines' airport or in any public toilet in my country and I got excited to show them off with my friends, too. Lol.
        It's not too late yet, better post your Whites now. :) Happy Thursday! :)


purethoughts said...

hi Jo!! haha you are so funny! this photo got me curious also. thanks for joining us this week JO! yes better late than never!! :)

t raya

sHeNgKaY said...

At least Thurs ka..ako malala kasi Friday na..hahaha..

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