Tuesday, October 18, 2011


             Have you ever gone shopping and you thought, “why are these dresses and shoes so tiny?”. Yes, the mannequins are so petite. The models are so slim it seems that this world has forgotten there are people who simply can’t fit into these sizes. 
           Good thing there are plus size shoes and dresses these days. It is always a comfort for those who are looking for sizes that are a little bit bigger than the usual ones we find in the department stores.

            Here are some tips in finding those plus size shoes:
·         For ladies who are so conscious of their big feet, heeled shoes can seem to make your feet appear smaller.  Face it, ladies with big feet would like to make it appear smaller, right?  So rather than picking flats, choose ones with heels.
·         Pointy shoes could also make your feet appear smaller, as supposed to round tipped shoes.

           Choose dark colored over light colored ones.  It somehow makes your feet smaller than it actually is.  This is the same trick you can do for blouses and dresses.  Dark colored clothing can do the trick of making you appear slimmer.