Monday, October 17, 2011

Tueday Travels: Rio de Janeiro Carnival


               It's Tuesday and it's time post my entry for Tuesday Travels. This month's theme is to post our most loved carnivals in the world. Hmmm. Though I travel a lot but I don't usually get a chance to witness carnivals. Anyway, in my wildest dreams, visiting Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is always on top of the list. I would love to see the ever beautiful places in that country. Aside from that, I also would love to witness the Rio carnival which is said to be the biggest and grandest carnival in the whole world.

                                I wanna see and witness for myself how grand and marvelous it is! How about you? What's your favorite carnival? Don't forget to share yours, okay? :)



MarieClara said...

Can I go with you if ever? This is just so colorful and look so much fun..

Visiting from Tuesday Travels.
Karawasan Festival 2011

Vernz@ The Virtual Wanderer said...

kahinumdum ko sa movie nga Rio ani... hahah awesome.. sige Jo... let's get packing hahaha :) was here for TT.

KM said...

vibrant colors !

visiting you from TT. hope you can visit me back at NUIT BLANCHE

thanks, and see you around :)

Rcel said...

This sounds like an awesome fest! Hmm... Super colorful!

Late TT visit! My entry is a BEACH DANCING FEST which I accidentally witnessed! Hope you can check it out! :)