Monday, November 7, 2011

SURVEY SOFTWARE: A must-have in global business

Your business can easily go global nowadays.  Unlike before where you have to have a huge capital to have access to market your products outside your own country, you could just invest in a website these days and voila! You can be unlimited in terms of advertising your products.  The internet has indeed made the world smaller—business hours are not bound by time and location.  As long as one has an internet access, he could be a potential costumer.  Once again, another wonder technology has brought us! 
One of the things that make a business successful is to receive feedbacks from costumers all over the world.  How did they find your product?  What can they suggest to better improve it?  Of course it would be great if you’d receive all positive feedbacks from the consumers, but if not, there is always a room for improvement.  There is no better way of knowing what the product users think than using a Survey Software.   
You see, the traditional way of doing a survey would be that you would have hired employees to go around and ask people what they think about your product, what better ways to improve it, etc.  On top of that,  you have to have another person to encode all the gathered information, consolidate,  tally , and interpret them.  You would need professional statisticians for that, in fact.  Now if conducting a survey locally would be that expensive and hard to do, how much more if you attempt to do a survey worldwide?  So an Online Survey Software is definitely worth the investment.
The thing about this software is that you won’t have problems with interpreting your questionnaire into different languages. Since your respondents will obviously be from different countries, this amazing software is able to translate the data into 48 languages! The consolidation of these gathered information which is the biggest challenge of all would not be a problem, either. Mind you, you can really save a lot on labor since you won’t have to hire professional statisticians interpret the data—the software does it all! 
So if you aim to go global, there are lots of things to consider, and picking the right software should be your number one priority.


Online Survey Expert said...

Every business should be doing customer surveys, it is essential!