Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saving up for the rainy days!

It’s rainy season once again. But I guess the idiom “saving up for the rainy days” does not apply to literal rain. Rain or shine, it would always be best to save up.
If you live in the city like me, it would be hard to say “no” to some little expenses here and there that would keep you from saving money. Sharing with you some tips which I myself am learning to follow every day:
1. Define “needs” and “wants”. A car may be a need for most people nowadays. But what kind of car? Some would opt for the latest model and the most expensive one. What for? Ok, you have solved the “need” part but why does it have to be that expensive? This is where the “wants” come in.
2. Avoid having those purchases on things that you just find “cute” but you never really use. I have lots of those. Cute cellphone pouches. Just how many cellphone pouches do I have? How many do I really need? Sandals. How many pairs do I really need? Same thing goes for little hair clips, cute little baskets that would just be left unused in the corner of our closets at the end of the day.
I am not an expert in saving up yet, and I am sure it would take lots of discipline to do so. But the thought of saving up for the rainy days inspire me to go on—because in life, “rainy days” can come anytime—especially when we least expect them!