Saturday, December 3, 2011


Every woman desires to have a shiny and manageable hair.  Nothing could be more irritating than those tangles, and the dry strands that make you wish you had a hair makeover everyday.  Well, there will always be bad hair days but why do you have to have one when you can have that shiny hair you have always wanted? 

Here are some helpful tips:

 1.  Use hot water when you shampoo.  This is good and relaxing for your hair.  It is noteworthy that it is not advisable for you to shampoo everyday, as it would damage your hair. 
 2.   Be sure that there is no excess shampoo when you rinse.
 3. Use cold water when you apply the conditioner. Use a comb to gently stroke your hair while putting on the conditioner.  Use a wide tooth comb for this.
 4. See to it that you rinse your hair well.
       5.Refrain from blow drying your hair everyday.  It could make your hair dry and frizzy.