Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gifts for the Love Month

               And so....it's the heart's month! February, as they say, is the month of love. Flowers and chocolates are famous during these times of the year because most men purchase it sometimes in bulk and give it to their loved ones on that special occasion. Even hotels and restaurants during this season are fully-booked and filled with customers. We will do the best we can just to make the love of our lives that they are really precious to us.

                How about you? How would you spend your Valentine's Day with your special someone? Where will you take her? Would you take your wife/husband to a fancy restaurant and spend a memorable candlelight dinner? What will you give your girlfriend/boyfriend?  How much are you willing to spend for a present? Would you give him/her Gifts under $100 or above that amount? You are most welcome to share your memorable Valentine's Day experience and the most unforgettable gift you've ever received.