Saturday, May 1, 2010


          There were times in our lives that God allowed certain people and circumstances to hurt us along our way. -- People who chose to betray us when being placed under pressure..People who chose to leave us up in the air hanging..People who were only up for the good times but took us for granted in times of trouble.. People who put all the blame on us for they were so afraid to admit their mistakes, too. People who were so COWARD to tell the truth for they chose to save their own asses even though it would mean to tell MORE LIES and cover up their mistakes even more.. People who chose to burn the bridges with just one snap of the finger so they would come up clean and would appear faultless.

          God doesn't allow these things for us to be in pain for the sake of hurting, but for the sake of LEARNING.---to open our eyes and to learn that these kind of people really do exist. So what we need to do is to understand because, for sure, these people also have their own share of INSECURITIES, STRUGGLES, PAIN, TRIALS in their lives...Next to understanding them is to forgive them..We are just forgiven ones so who are we not to forgive them..right?..But forgiving doesn't mean we're opening up the door and allowing them to hurt us again and again. It is just one way of letting go and letting God. Letting go of the pain and grudges and letting God heal all the broken emotions. For in His time, it will all be fixed...and we can confidently say "Thank you, God for those pain and those people you allowed to hurt me for they made me a BETTER, STRONGER, and HAPPIER person."