Saturday, May 1, 2010


Sometimes we're thinking of GETTING EVEN with the people who have betrayed and wronged us, no matter what's at stake. And we wanna do it not for any other reason but only to defend ourselves especially if we know the WHOLE TRUTH. And we wanna DISCLOSE these whole truth not just to save us from all those ACCUSATIONS and LIES, but also to REVEAL what really happened..... But I remembered some friends saying, "Just don't mind them. Let them hurt you as much as they want to. Anyway, they are going to reap what they have sown; " It's not worth it,anyway", "..But KEEP YOUR ACES 'coz in case you'll need it in the future, you have something to show as PROOF."

Most of the time, aside from God's words, we have to heed the advice of the people who truly care about us. So that's what I'm doing until now, keeping the truth to myself, though painful but i'm not dwelling on it...and THANKS to u, guys..u know who u are...