Sunday, May 2, 2010


       Each single person that God created has his own wants and needs. Clothes, shelter, food, air, family, car, job, education --- these are just examples of them. But one of the most important needs in one's life is having the what we call "genuine" friends. A person may meet a lot of individuals with different personalities everyday. --from the moment they set their feet outside their homes, to their workplaces, to their leisure time or just anywhere-- here we meet these "friends". Here's the thing: Some people are just for "Hi's" and "Hello's" only, some we can keep for a month, and a few we can have for keeps. As always though, this is my stand about friendships: it's good to have lots of friends on our list, but it's better to have a handful who you can call "TRUE" friends-- and these are the kind of people you can have for keeps. 
        The reason why I'm talking about "friends" today is this: it's the birthday of a "genuine" friend, not just for me, but to MANY. It's Pastor John's birthday! Indeed, he is one of the most 'genuine' people I've met in my life. He's always been a blessing to me and my family. Pastor John, together with his wife (Ate Grace), has touched my life a million ways. His passion to share God's words, his heart for the youth, and his passion to reach out to those who really need to hear God's words. But he's not just there to share the words of God, he's also there to give advice when someone needs one.--always willing to share his words of wisdom. I call him one of the truest persons I know because he doesn't hide how he really feels. When he's mad, he's mad. When he's super happy, he shares it to the world. And believe me when he's around, his smile and his laughs are contagious! :) And he doesn't condone or tolerate mistakes,too, but rather calls your attention and share his words of wisdom, sometimes using his personal experiences. He lets you know your worth as a person. 
        This man has a really good heart. He's blessed by God with multiple talents and skills, blessed with a very loving and supportive wife, and two very cute, talented and skillful kids, as well.-- a very PRECIOUS family..(I should mention that this couple is one of the sweetest couples I've ever known)

--to Pastor John: THANK YOU FOR THE GENUINE FRIENDSHIP. I pray that God will continually bless you so you can continually be a blessing to us, too! THANK YOU. You're one of the few that I'll have for keeps! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! GOD BLESS YOU MORE AND MORE!