Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Been 9 Long Years

    Early this morning, my family and I went to my Papa's graveyard and brought 6 baskets of flowers for him.  Today is my father's 9th year of being away from us and for being with the Lord. We realized it's been 9 long years already without my Papc's presence here with us. I have to admit that I still miss him a lot. There were nights that I cried because I still remember all the stuff we did together.-- miss his silly jokes, his words of wisdom, his being overprotective, everything about him. I was closer to my dad because there were years that my mom was working miles away. So the one taking care of me and my older sister was our dad. During grade school years, I always get bullied. So I always tell my dad about them and so the next day he'll go to school with me and scold those bullies. Wow! That's my Pop!
     But when he got diagnosed with diabetes, my mom had herself transferred back here in our city so she can look after my father. During those years, my dad became moody, irritable, and he always locked himself inside his room. The old him just vanished. But we tried to understand him because it was due to his sickness. It was really hard for us for we haven't spent that much time with him anymore since he got diagnosed. And then came the day to say goodbye to my papa after 5 years of suffering from that disease. One thing I truly regret was not being able to say "I love you, Pang." as often as I should have. From that moment, I've been spending more quality time with my mama and taking care of her every single day. 

So for you, my friends, never fail to tell your parents, friends and your loved ones how much you truly love them. And tell them as often as possible and be sure to mean it for we never know how long we're going to be with them. 



maritz said...

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Mayet said...

hi! I agree with you, we have to tell our loved ones how much we love them.

My father was also the one who took care of us while studying and I am thankful for that.So now,we try our best to show him how grateful we are for his love.


redamethyst said...

yes, you are right we have to tell now how much we love the people around us or else we will have regrets.

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