Friday, May 7, 2010


    I received a text message from my girlfriends the other day. They wanted to hang out in the mall. So without hesitation, since I missed a lot of get-together lately, I immediately went to the place. When I'm with this group of friends, LAUGHTER and FOOD TRIP is really expected. We went to this new food haven called Missy BON BON, situated right outside the mall. The ambiance is really great. Great for chit-chatting after work, or just hanging around after strolling in the mall. Food is kinda expensive but it's worth it...delicious...but this place is good for those who have sweet tooth just like me. Gelato is their specialty in the house, I suppose. They have different flavors which make us want to crave and order more. So I suggest, if you have Missy BON BON in your place, try to visit and order some gelato especially now that it's summer! I guarantee you it's soooooo YUMMY!!


bambie said...

hi joahna! thanks for dropping by my blog.☺

redamethyst said...

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